Early Decision/Assurance

Early Decision

Tulane participates in AMCAS' Early Decision Program. Successful applicants to this program do not offer any different profile than the successful applicant during the general admission cycle, however the applicant is only eligible to apply to TUSOM. You must apply for Early Decision through AMCAS. You will only be able to submit your application to Tulane University School of Medicine. The deadline for submitting your application to AMCAS is August 1. All ED applicants will be notified of their interview decision on August 1.  If an ED applicant is not selected for an interview, their application will automatically revert to a regular application allowing them to begin the application to other medical schools.  They will still remain in TUSOM's application pool and may be considered for a possible interview.  Interviewed ED applicants will be notified of acceptance the first week of October.

Early Assurance

This applicant must attend Xavier University New Orleans or Tulane Undergrad. The intent of the Early Assurance program is to free the undergraduate student from two years of worry about medical school acceptance and allow for more freedom in designing the undergraduate curriculum during his or her final two years. While the programs vary from school to school, in general outstanding students may apply to a committee at their home institution for early acceptance into Tulane Medical School after their sophomore year in college, if they have completed all required course work for medical school. You will be notified of your acceptance as an Early Assurance applicant by the premedical advisor's office. You must apply for Early Assurance through AMCAS (given permission from TUSOM admission's office).

If the undergraduate committee nominates a student for acceptance, that student's application goes before the Admission Committee at Tulane. If the committee accepts the nomination, the student will receive a letter of acceptance into the medical school that will become valid only after the student has completed undergraduate studies. 

Students from the participating schools mentioned above may obtain more information from their home institution.