Letters of Recommendation

Tulane School of Medicine utilizes the AMCAS Letters of Evaluations/Recommendations Service for the electronic delivery of your letters. Tulane does not accept mailed letters of recommendation.

There are several ways in which you can submit your letters to Tulane. Please use this link to read the information and instructions.

Tulane's requirement for letters of recommendation is as follows: 

1) A committee letter or a letter of recommendation packet from your pre-medical advising committee 


2) A total of three letters of recommendation. It is best to choose letters from people who know you the best and can speak on either your academic ability, your commitment to service, or your passion for medicine.  These letters can be from anyone of your choice, but at least one must come from someone with a science/medical background.  

If you are out of school or your undergraduate degree is not science based, then choose 3 professionals that know you well.

For a committee letter with three or more signatures, no additional letters are needed. Do not submit more than three letters total, if sending individual letters.

We prefer no more than three LORs. If you have submitted more than three LORs, TUSOM can do nothing to edit this as all of the letters will be sent to us. The committee will read what they individually see fit. 

Once you complete your AMCAS application you will receive an e-mail notification from Tulane Medical School to fill out the Electronic Secondary Application.