Admissions Special Programs

Tulane Rural Medical Education (TRuMEd)

The Tulane Rural Medical Education program is designed to recruit and educate medical students who intend to enter practice in a rural area or small town in Louisiana or the Gulf South, particularly in Family Medicine, other primary care fields or general surgery. TRuMEd uses an admissions process that assesses then encourages the selection of candidates who are most inclined to practice in rural areas; providing students with advisors and role models; provision of experiences in rural clinical settings, including early preclinical summer experiences. Applying to TRuMEd is a concurrent process with application to Tulane University School of Medicine.  Learn more about TRuMEd >>

Tulane Creative Scholars Program

The Tulane Creative Scholars Program is a unique program that Tulane Undergraduate students are able to apply to medical school when they are sophomores. You will be interviewed by a panel at the medical school. If accepted you must apply Early Assurance when applying to AMCAS. The idea is to free undergrad students of the stress of applying to medical school. TUSOM seeks academically outstanding students for the program.  Learn more about Tulane Creative Scholars Program>>

Tulane Pathways to Medicine (TPM)

The Tulane Pathways to Medicine (TPM) is a program that will provide Tulane University undergraduates early assurance admission into Tulane University School of Medicine (TUSOM).  The TPM program is for students who are committed to pursuing a degree in medicine at TUSOM after completing their four years of undergraduate education.  Students in this program are not required to major in a particular major but are required to maintain a certain GPA to remain in the program.  Invited applicants will be interviewed on the Uptown campus during Honors Weekend.  Learn more about TPM>>.