Admissions Student Run Clinics

downtown new orleans medical corridorHeadquartered in the growing New Orleans Medical Corridor, Tulane University School of Medicine has a wealth of facilities across New Orleans and Louisiana. Below is a small sampling of TUSOM's Student Run Clinics.

Fleur de Vie NOLA East Clinic

Fleur de Vie NOLA East is a student-led clinic hosted at NOELA Community Health Center.  Our clinic uniquely offers specialty care that includes Hematology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Hepatology, Neurology, and Gastroenterology. After seeing a patient, teams will present to the attending physician and work together to develop their assessment and treatment plan.

Grace House

Grace House, a partner of the Bridge House rehabilitation center, provides both long and short-term residential treatment programs for women with drug and alcohol addictions, regardless of ability to pay. This newly established student-run clinic (operating since February, 2012) currently provides these women with their state-mandated intake physicals, prescriptions, and out-of-clinic referrals.   Findings are presented to an attending physician (from the OB/Gyn department at Tulane) for help forming an assessment and treatment plan for each patient.

Luke's House

Health care for New Orleans’s large Spanish speaking population. Prospective volunteers will be evaluated on their Spanish proficiency. This clinic offers services such as: general checkups, screening for hypertension and diabetes, prescription assistance, vaccinations for Influenza, Tdap, and Pneumococcus, and referrals to other healthcare services.

New Orleans Mission

Housed in New Orleans’ largest homeless shelter, the goal of the clinic is to treat subacute illnesses and to serve as a bridge to established resources in the city for homeless and indigent populations. The New Orleans Mission Clinic is a student run clinic that expanded its services in 2015 to include a weekly precepted clinic staffed by Internal Medicine residents in addition to its weekly flu vaccination, TB, HIV and Hepatitis C testing services.

Ozanam Inn

Ozanam Inn is a homeless shelter located in the Warehouse District. Ozanam Inn Student-Run Clinic is a partnership with Ozanam Inn to improve access to health care for the diverse and underserved population in New Orleans. Our clinic provides in-house clinical services including primary care, TB testing, HIV testing, and flu vaccination, and as well as referrals for specialized care.

Fleur de Vie Ruth Fertel Clinics

Fleur de Vie Ruth Fertel Clinic operates jointly with Access Health Louisiana at Ruth U. Fertel/ Tulane Community Health Center to deliver primary care to an underserved patient population. Fleur de Vie is committed to two goals: providing affordable high-quality primary care to our community, and creating hands-on innovative learning environments for medical and allied health students. This clinic offers check-ups, health screenings, physicals, and patient education and is currently rolling out HIV testing and counseling. We also have Spanish interpreting services available.

Bridge House

Started at Tulane in 1999, Bridge House Wednesday clinic provides medical care for men with drug and alcohol addictions who have entered Bridge House’s long-term residential treatment program. The students perform full histories and physicals exams while also coordinating follow up care, referrals, in-house consults, prescription medications, and other clinical needs. Additionally, Bridge House provides HIV and TB testing and counseling to patients in conjunction with the Wednesday clinic.

Bethel Colony South

Bethel Colony South is a long-term, substance abuse rehabilitation facility for men. Clinic runs biweekly on Tuesdays or Fridays, and the topic of the clinics varies. Examples of clinic topics include: hypertension & diabetes, STIs and their prevention, linkage to care, and mental wellness. At the clinic, T1 and T2 students interact one-on-one with a Bethel resident to provide personalized counseling and come up with a plan of action to address the resident’s health concerns. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice personalized medicine, motivational interviewing, and health education and counseling.

HIV/Hepatitis C Testing Program

New Orleans consistently ranks in the top five major American cities for new HIV infections as well as deaths from AIDS complications. Through TUSOM’s HIV/Hep C testing program, you’ll have the opportunity to help detect cases before they progress to clinical complications and link people to care. Further, it is estimated that 1% of the American population is living with chronic Hep C infection. For our clients, which include intravenous drug users and homeless persons, the rates are far higher. We have an opportunity to make a real difference in the prognosis of these chronic infections. Our program works in almost all the student-run clinics all across the city. You’ll work one-on-one with clients providing counseling about harm reduction practices and providing resources linking them to PrEP, needle exchange, etc.

TB Testing Program

New Orleans consistently has had TB rates that are higher than the national average. In particular, the populations that are affected are males, older age groups, African Americans, minorities, and underserved populations. Although cluster cases have been reported in some parishes of Louisiana, high rates in Orleans parish have been seen due the concentration of population with high-risk factors such as homelessness, incarceration, HIV infection, alcoholism and illicit substance abuse. TUSOM's TB testing program is based in all clinics as well as the Salvation Army, and you'll have the opportunity to help detect cases and refer patients to treatment programs to stem the further spread of TB.

Tulane Street Health Response

Tulane Street Health Response brings medical workers to where the unsheltered homeless sleep. It recognizes that those who do not have couches to crash on or shelters to stay in are at higher chances of all vulnerabilities - substance abuse, chronic illness, mental illness, disability and death. We work as a stepping stone within the safety net of New Orleans services for these who are difficult to reach. By meeting the unsheltered in their environment, we hope to establish rapport then address both immediate and future health needs through evaluation, treatment, and referral to primary and specialty care. Street Medicine New Orleans is modeled after the Pittsburgh program that has inspired many others.

For a complete list and for more information about TUSOM's Student Run Clinics, view the TUSOM SCC handout here or go to the Student Council Clinic website.