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Student Testimonials

In Their Own Words

Tulane School of Medicine students answer the question, "What is it like to go to medical school in New Orleans?"


Amponsah EdithEdith Amponsah, Class of 2024

"What is it like to attend medical school in New Orleans? It's like serious work with a side of fun. The opportunities to de-stress, get involved, and rejuvenate are endless in the city. I see a lot of remnants of African heritage all around the city, and as an African immigrant, it brings me some comfort living and studying here. From the food to second line, there are several aspects of this city that resonate with me and make it a joy to live and study here."


honda michelleAndrew Parker, Class of 2024

"New Orleans is an incredibly vibrant city with a rich history and culture. It is an exceptionally fun place to live with a range of things to enjoy, whether it be the amazing food, jazz both in concert halls and parks, or even walking through the different neighborhoods. Tulane understands that New Orleans is an asset and builds in opportunities to explore the city with free time after exams, elective classes, and service-learning opportunities. I also really value the network of clinics that we have throughout the city that provide services ranging from basic check-ups to TB tests to Hep A vaccination. Finally, students are given the tools to mold our paths through school to best meet our needs. Professors and physicians are quick to respond and always happy to get students involved in research or shadowing, course directors seek candid feedback at the end of every block, and students are trusted to run clinics which enables us to gain experience serving patients. "


Kessler RaymondTuhin Choudhary, Class of 2024

"I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend TUSOM and to have the chance to spend four years in New Orleans. You can really feel a sense of community whether if that is running into a classmate at the local grocery store or everyone getting excited for an upcoming Saints game. Tulane really captures the spirit of community service. Volunteering at the student run clinics has been one of the most meaningful experiences not only because students have the ability to further develop their clinical skills, but we get the chance to understand and meet the people who live in our community. Furthermore, there are endless opportunities here to really pursue your passions. Having the chance to pursue a public health degree through the dual degree program has really allowed me to get a more holistic education and comprehensive understanding of the social determinants of health in addition to my medical school education. TUSOM is also always receptive to student feedback. Lastly, I am so grateful for my classmates and to be at a place that is both collaborative and supportive."


Kobashigawa ErinAlyssa Singer, Class of 2024

"When I decided on Tulane for college, I did not realize how much I would fall in love with the school and New Orleans. So, when it was time to apply to medical school, obviously Tulane was where I wanted to be! Pretty much everything about TUSOM makes it the perfect place to study medicine. If I had to narrow it down, I would say I fell in love with the fantastic clinical opportunities and how Tulane integrates service and community into the curriculum. At TUSOM, there is an unwavering commitment to student success. Here, I learn medicine from some of the most supportive and passionate clinicians and professors, experience a unique patient population, and have the best classmates I could ever hope for. I guess you could say that coming to Tulane and experiencing New Orleans was the best decision of my life"


Erika ChowErika Chow, Class of 2020

"I grew up in the Bay Area, New York, and Boston, and I never imagined I could love New Orleans so much until I came to visit for the first time about a decade ago.  The city is so incredibly vibrant and the people are so friendly that it can't help but pull you in.  When it came time to decide where to apply for medical school, Tulane was at the top of my list because I wanted to live in New Orleans, but also because of what I learned about the school as I did my research and talked to people who knew about Tulane's reputation.  I chose to come to Tulane for three reasons: the student clinic experience, the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine, and how happy I had heard Tulane medical students were (something that was confirmed on interview day). At Tulane, you get a first rate education with amazing classmates, learn from really passionate dedicated professors and clinicians, work with an incredibly sick but also gracious and loving community, and match well every year, but you get to do it while having a complete blast.  New Orleans has something for everyone - art, music, food, and museums, and I wanted to enjoy my medical school experience, not just suffer through it.  The Tulane community encourages students to really explore the city and be a part of it, as well as make meaningful contributions to the TUSOM legacy.  As a student, your requests and project ideas are taken seriously by faculty and administration, and they are so open to working with students to implement the changes that we want.  Everyone will rave to you about the student run clinic experience, but one of my favorite experiences outside of clinics has been Goldring.  I've always had a passion for food and nutrition related to health, and it has been amazing to be able to learn real tips on cooking, how to eat healthier, and how to counsel patients to make changes to their lifestyles that can be difficult to sell.  If you get involved with Goldring in your first two years, you have an opportunity to go to Johnson and Wales, one of the best culinary institutions in the country, for an away rotation in fourth year which is just amazing to me.  Overall, coming to Tulane and New Orleans was one of the best decisions of my life, and the education, experiences, and friends I have made here have been second to none."