Advisory Board



  1. Provides oversight and monitors the functioning of the Professionalism Program to ensure accountability. This includes changes to bylaws, policy changes, updates, and approval for new initiatives.
  2. Will NOT have access to nor review or discuss individual reports nor details of the interventions.
  3. Meets quarterly to review aggregated data, reports, and quality assurance metrics  (ie. timeliness of responding, user satisfaction, etc.); may meet ad hoc if needed to resolve a time-sensitive operational issue.
  4. Appoints the members of the TRIO based on nominations/approvals within the Executive Faculty.
  5. Approves the annual utilization of the Jerry Hickson Endowed fund as appropriate to support the mission of the Program in concordance with the fund resolution.
  6. Approves/recommends the biannual invited educational lecturers.

  1. Faculty Lead/Director
  2. Program Administrator
  3. DIO
  4. Chair of the GMEC Professionalism Subcommittee
  5. President of Resident/Fellow Council
  6. Dean of Student Affairs
  7. President of Medical Student Honor Board
  8. Assistant Dean for Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
  9. BMS Student Representative
  10. Assistant Dean of EDI
  11. Chair, Professionalism Task Force
  12. Assistant Dean for Administration
  1. Faculty members (4): 3 clinical and 1 basic science. Self-nominated, elected/approved by Executive Faculty. Term set at 36 months and will rotate off 1 clinical faculty member each year. Basic science faculty will rotate off every 3 years.
  1. Dean of the School of Medicine
  2. HR representative
  3. Dean of Faculty Affairs