TCCR COVID Research Center (TCRC)


Tulane is pleased to announce the opening of the Tulane CTU COVID Research Center (CCRC), which is physically located at the corner of S. Saratoga Avenue and Cleveland Street and will service all COVID-related outpatient research, including treatment and vaccine trials.

This new unit includes separate entrances for COVID positive and COVID negative patients. The COVID positive space includes a waiting room, bathroom, and two negative pressure exam rooms with infusion suites. The COVID negative space includes three exam rooms, a waiting area, restrooms, storage, and an office. The CTU CRC is outfitted with a Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayer that will disinfect all patient rooms in 5 minutes.


Contact Information

For more information about CCRC and the clinical trials happening at the CCRC

Call: 504-988-0200

Roberta McDuffie, Director : 504-988-0299