Mental Health Services for Faculty

The Tulane SOM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is offering the following mental health opportunities to all faculty and residents at Tulane University School of Medicine:



Virtual Group Gatherings

  • focused on coping and restorative practices
  • including guided self-care experiences

September 1,  2020 - Virtual Support Mental Health Opportunities

     Video - Stress Management Workshop




45-minutes sessions

offered several times a week

Contact Ann Morgott in the Chair's office at for more information.

Tulane Metairie Behavioral Health Clinic

  • Traditional individual counseling services through telehealth with licensed clinical therapists. 


Fee is regular insurance co-pay.

Integrated Behavioral Health

  • For those seeking a mental health provider outside of Tulane, contact Integrated Behavioral Health at  504-486-8690 (direct line) or email at


Be sure to tell the IBHNOLA clinic staff in your email or call that you are Tulane faculty or resident so they can get you in sooner.




Free to physicians with an NOI number.

Alternative Services

  • If you wish to seek some other alternative means of seeing someone for mental health help, please call the Department of Psychiatry’s direct line at 504-988-5246 and ask for Dr. John Thompson.