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Physician Scientist Pipeline Program (PSPP)
Evaluation of Mentor

Please complete the following evaluation report. This report is not shown to your Mentors, but will form part of the report the Director makes to the Tulane Physician Scientist Pipeline Program (PSPP) Advisory Committee. Any questions should be directed to the Director of Faculty Affairs, Wendy Stark (wstark@tulane.edu). Expand the space given below as necessary to allow full answers to each section

1. Lead Mentor

D. Please rate the performance of your Lead Mentor in the following areas:

2. Mentor Team

Please complete the following table:
a. Encourages strategic thinking
b. Encourages creativity
c. Is thoughtful and asks probing questions
d. Allows me to work through problems independently
e. Encourages good time management techniques
f. Clearly states expectations
g. Offers constructive criticism
h. Demonstrates effective time management skills
i. Imparts technical skills
j. Involves me in scientific publishing and grant writing processes
k. Teaches lab management
l. Provides guidance on work-life balance

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation form. Your feedback is extremely valuable as
we continually seek to improve and strengthen our program!