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Tulane School of Medicine
Physician Scientist Pipeline Program (PSPP)
Self-Efficacy Survey

Please rate each of the items below using the scale from stop to go. Feedback will allow us to enhance and improve the Physician Scientist Pipeline training curriculum and participant experience.





Limited to no experience. Development and training needed to advance

Some experience in area/topic, but needs further development and mentor guidance

Confident in skills


How confident are you that you can:

1) Please rate skills related to reading and critically evaluating research articles
a. Identify appropriate issues for investigation
b. Critically understand the current literature in your field
c. Critically evaluate a study design
d. Critically understand methods of data collection
e. Critically understand statistical methodologies
2) Please rate skills related to writing research articles
a. Write an abstract that is brief, clear, and informative
b. Develop appropriate issues for investigation into testable research questions that are valid, ethical, reliable, and focused
c. Explain the importance and novelty of your study
d. Describe the design of a study
e. Describe the methods of data collection
f. Describe statistical methodology
g. Develop effective graphs and tables
h. Critically analyze and evaluate one's findings and those of others
i. Describe results in clear, precise language
j. Develop a discussion based on findings
k. Conduct literature reviews
3) Please rate skills related to developing Grant Proposals
a. Conduct literature reviews
b. Identify the hypothesis of a proposed study
c. Describe how literature in the field informs a study hypothesis
d. Develop an overall project goal
e. Design measurable and specific objectives
f. Develop an appropriate evaluation plan including: (rate the three items below)
>> 1. Impact evaluation
>> 2. Outcome evaluation
>> 3. Process evaluation
g. Design appropriate evaluation methods (e.g. qualitative, quantitative and data collection procedures)
h. Design a plan for statistical analysis appropriate to evaluation methods
i. Develop a feasible and scalable budget and budget narrative (to include personnel, operational, and administrative budget items along with a sustainability plan)
4) Please rate skills related to Research Methods
a. Identify and use tools and methods for data collection
b. Review and interpret data tables and analytic output
c. Use methods to ensure rigor, reproducibility, and transparency
d. Understand sex as a biologic variable
e. Approaches to responsible conduct of research
5) Please rate skills related to Project Management
a. Manage projects effectively through the setting of research goals, intermediate milestones and prioritization of activities
b. Institute data management procedures
c. Efficiently manage information resources
d. Manage a database
e. Effectively manage a limited budget
6) Please rate skills related to Communication and Scientific Writing
a. Effectively communicate research results in the following forms:
>> 1. With fellow colleagues
>> 2. At Seminars
>> 3. By oral presentation
>> 4. By poster presentation
>> 5. By writing scientific papers
b. Develop and maintain co-operative networks and working relationships with supervisors, colleagues and peers, within the institution and the wider research community
c. Provide critical and constructive feedback to colleagues on research presentation and written work
7) Please rate skills related to Career Development.
a. Strategically develop a research career plan to optimize productivity in publications and grant proposals, obtain consistent funding, and advance professionally
b. Present skills, personal attributes and experiences through effective CVs, applications and interviews.
c. Ability to mentor post docs and students