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Sabbatical Checklist for the School of Medicine

Sabbatical leave is considered a privilege, not a right, and may be granted only if it will not adversely affect departmental teaching, administrative responsibilities or research. Please see the Faculty Handbook Page 125 – 126 for more details.


  1. Must be Assistant Professor or above for at least six years of fulltime service
  2. Must be six years since last sabbatical
  3. Must be able to return for one year of fulltime service at Tulane

Application for sabbatical must contain:

  1. Detailed description of plans or project proposal
  2. Assurance of a return to fulltime service at Tulane for one year
  3. Arrangement for coverage of duties
  4. Financial arrangement negotiated with department chair
  5. Letter of support from department chair
  6. Curriculum Vitae

Sabbaticals must be approved by:

  1. Dean, School of Medicine
  2. Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost