Measures & Manuals

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Early Childhood Screening Assessment

Download the Early Childhood Screening Assessment (Gleason et al, 2010) in English, Spanish and Romanian. This validated caregiver report measure identifies children 18-60 months at high risk for mental health problems and includes the PHQ 2 questions to identify caregiver depression and/or distress. The measure was developed to be used in busy settings like pediatric primary care settings, but has also been used extensively in early childhood mental health clinics and child care setting. The measure is on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended list of screening tools. Publications including ECSA validation, use in epidemiologic study, and parental concern and manual are also available. Child care versions are also available with and without caregiver distress questions.

Working Model of a Child Interview

Download the Working Model of a Child Interview in English, Spanish, and Swedish. We also offer a Modified Version and a Prenatal Version.

Disturbances of Attachment Interview

Download the revised Disturbances of Attachment Interview in English. We also offer a School-Aged Version and an Early Adolescent Version.


Diagnostic Infant Preschool Assessment / PTSD Measures / PTSD Treatment Manual

For Dr. Michael Scheeringa’s Diagnostic Infant Preschool Assessment (DIPA), PTSD measures, and PTSD treatment manual, please go to the Scheeringa Lab site.