Internal Medicine Residency - About the Program

Tulane Internal Medicine operates at three separate clinical facilities: University Medical Center, East Jefferson General Hospital and Southeastern Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System (SLVHCS). Each facility provides us with exposure to a myriad of clinical illness, as well as a great number of diverse patient populations who are in desperate need of healthcare. This, truthfully, is what makes the Tulane resident great and is what makes each of our residents stand out for long after they have left residency. 

Here at Tulane we have several curricular innovations that we have successfully implemented into our program, and they are as follows: The 4+1 system (Developed here at Tulane), the Firm System, and the Original Friday School (Developed here at Tulane.) Please look to the right of the page to find the different sections with information about our program, including information regarding these innovative changes as well as an example of the day in the life in our program.