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MD/MS Dual Degree Program

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Learn more about the MD/MS Dual Degree Program in Bioethics & Medical Humanities below.
MD/MS Dual Degree Program Overview

The Dual Degree (MD-MS) program can be completed within the 4-year Medical School curriculum. MD-MS dual degree students complete the MS portion of the curriculum in the first two years at Tulane School of Medicine. M.S. coursework the program is set up to allow integration with the MD curriculum and will ensure that MS classes do not conflict with the scheduled and required MD curriculum and through elective coursework offered in the summer before and after Year 1.

Limited scholarships are available for highly qualified students.


Term Bioethics Track Medical Humanities Track
Summer Prior to Year 1

Elective 1 (3)
Elective 2 (3)
Foundations of Bioethics (3)

Elective 1 (3)
Elective 2 (3)
Foundations of Bioethics (3)

Year 1, Semester 1 Medical Humanities (3) Medical Humanities (3)
Year 1, Semester 2 Current Controversies in Healthcare (3)
Ethical Theory (3)
Current Controversies in Healthcare (3)
History of Medicine(3)
Summer Elective 3 (3)
Elective 4(3)
Elective 3 (3)
Elective 4(3)
Year 2, Semester 1 Clinical Ethics (3)
Research Ethics (3)
Narrative Medicine (3)
Medicine in Literature and Film (3)
Year 2, Semester 2 Capstone Project (3) Capstone Project (3)
Total Hours 21 hours Required courses
12 hours Elective courses
TOTAL = 33 hours

How to Apply

Our application process is streamlined for medical students and may be submitted through our online portal.

  1. Click on the button below and register to create an account
  2. Select Biomedical Sciences
  3. Select the Masters in Bioethics

You may apply with only a writing sample and personal statement. Your transcripts, verified MCAT score report, and letters of recommendation will be pulled from your medical school application, or may be sent directly to the Biomedical Sciences office.

Apply Now

Application Deadline

Applications for dual degree students are due April 15 of the year you intend to start taking classes.