Avian Flu Decoded: Our Experts Have What You Need to Know

This week, two informational pieces on avian flu dropped from the School of Medicine. 

First up, The Tulane Digest returned with an issue covering avian flu, which described the history and more information on the current outbreak in cows and limited transmission to humans. 

Additionally, the latest episode of the podcast series, BIO from the BAYOU, became available for streaming. Episode 31 features an in-depth discussion with Dr. Chad Roy, a renowned aerobiology, microbiology, and immunology expert from Tulane School of Medicine, on the intriguing topic of avian flu and its implications for the United States dairy industry.

Host Sharon Courtney leads the conversation, resuming her role as the voice of the community, asking the questions YOU want answers to as she delves into critical questions about the safety of dairy products and the prevention methods against the avian flu. This episode transforms complex medical and public health issues into clear, actionable insights that listeners can easily understand and apply.

"We're thrilled to present an episode that not only sheds light on the avian flu but also empowers our listeners with the knowledge to understand the risk to their health and food safety," said the production team. "Chad Roy brings unparalleled expertise to the discussion, and Sharon Courtney asks questions in a way that makes complex topics accessible to all."

To listen to Episode 31 and join the growing community of listeners, visit www.biofromthebayou.com.