BIO from the BAYOU Releases New Episodes Ahead of BIO 2024 International Meeting

The BIO from the BAYOU podcast is thrilled to announce it will be releasing six new episodes in preparation for BIO2024. The first four dropped over the last two weeks, just in time for listeners planning to attend the BIO 2024 International Meeting in San Diego, California. As always, the episodes are bite-sized, so they can be listened to between meetings, on flights, or as you last-minute prep for your packed agendas. Of those released so far, two episodes highlight science from the labs of Bill Wimley and Jim Zadina, a third gives insights from the startup Informuta and their (successful!) journey through the Rice Business Plan Competition, and the final episode reveals how revenge started a career in science - and highlights the innovative Cleveland Neurodesign Entrepreneurs Workshop. Get more details, listen below, or search for BIO from the BAYOU anywhere you podcast.

Episode 32: Peptide Protectors - New Defenders in the Fight Against Superbugs

Episode 32, hosted by Elaine Hamm, PhD, features a riveting conversation with biochemistry and molecular biology expert Bill Wimley, PhD. Wimley discusses his groundbreaking work on antimicrobial peptides, specifically focusing on his engineered peptide, D-CONGA. The episode explores the innovative solutions to antibiotic resistance that D-CONGA offers, addressing a critical global health crisis. Listeners will gain expert insights into the potential applications of antimicrobial peptides in treating infections, particularly within hospital settings where drug resistance is most prevalent. Wimley's extensive research is unpacked to reveal the promising future of antibiotics and the vital role that biotech companies and investors can play in bringing these lifesaving technologies to market. Hamm utilizes her background in microbiology to delve deep into the science behind these peptides, making for an engaging and informative discussion. This episode is essential for biotech companies and investors interested in partnerships and collaborations to combat drug-resistant infections.

Episode 33: A Biotech Startup’s Journey Through Business Plan Competition Battlefields

In Episode 33, Kalen Hall, PhD, and Leo Williams, PhD, co-founders of the biotech startup Informuta, join Nick Pashos, PhD, a new podcast host, to share their journey through business plan competitions, with a particular emphasis on their experiences. This episode provides a candid look at these entrepreneurs' challenges and triumphs, capturing the rollercoaster of emotions and adrenaline that accompany such high-stakes competitions. Hall and Williams offer valuable insights into the strategies that helped Informuta stand out among a crowded field of innovators and how they meticulously prepared their pitch for a discerning audience of investors. The episode also offers practical advice for startups considering entering business plan competitions, covering everything from initial preparation to final execution. Additionally, the episode provides the investor's perspective, highlighting what investors look for in startup pitches and how they decide which ventures to support. 

Episode 34: Pain Management Science and Innovation 

In episode 34, we explore groundbreaking developments in the field of pain management with James Zadina, PhD, a leading expert from Tulane University. Amidst the pressing opioid crisis, Zadina introduces us to “Tuleva”—a revolutionary peptide that promises to change the way we address chronic pain, sidestepping the notorious side effects associated with traditional opioids. Hosted by Elaine Hamm, PhD, this episode not only shines a light on Tuleva's scientific significance but also opens up discussions about the potential of collaboration in furthering this research. Zadina walks us through the intricate mechanisms of Tuleva and the hopeful path it paves for those suffering from chronic pain. 

Episode 35: Cleveland NeuroDesign 

If you want to learn about neurotechnology and innovation, episode 35 is for you! Join JoJo Platt, a founder and executive faculty for the Cleveland NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop, as she breaks down the goals, agenda, and value of this intensive weekend-long course. This episode is hosted by James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP, who will also return as faculty for the 2024 program. The episode also spills the beans on an upcoming AI & Healthcare Design Workshop hosted by Tulane (Get it first here!)

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When it comes to Biotech, everyone talks about the east and west coasts. Now, the BIO from the BAYOU podcast brings you unprecedented access to the unmined expertise of the Gulf Coast! Brought to you from the resilient and dynamic city of New Orleans, every episode is a concise conversation with an expert in innovation, business, investment, or the lagniappe of issues that fill the space in between.  Listen to every episode at – or search for “BIO from the BAYOU” anywhere you podcast