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Engage Tulane website gets revamped to better connect academia and enterprise

June 13, 2022 5:15 PM

The website engage.tulane.edu has been revamped in partnership with the design firm Patton & Schachte.


The online gateway to bioscience at Tulane University School of Medicine has gotten an upgrade.

Engage.Tulane.edu has been revamped to make it easier for companies to explore the school’s most promising new technologies, find labs’ latest published research, discover emerging startups and connect to key opinion leaders for medical and scientific expertise.

The Office of Research Business Development at the School of Medicine partnered with design firm Patton & Schachte to showcase the experts, assets, tools and solutions at the School of Medicine in a format tailored for the needs of industry partners and potential collaborators.

 “Because we believe that listening to our partners and collaborators is the cornerstone to enabling optimal connectivity, we are consistently receiving feedback,” said James Zanewicz, School of Medicine Chief Business Officer. “The redesign of Engage Tulane is the culmination of this process, adding in sections on Publications, Key Opinion Leaders, and more – while it continues to highlight some of our prolific areas of research, tools and assets in a way more digestible for our users. Quite simply, it is biomedical research presented the way they want to see it.”

Engage Tulane functions as a single point of connectivity and identifies potential opportunities for engaging with the private sector by providing access to key opinion leaders and talent pipelines, initiating research contracts, and creating ventures and alliances that provide scientific expertise, research management and access to specialized equipment and facilities.

The business development operations at Tulane School of Medicine began in 2015, challenging the traditional way universities collaborate with corporations, investors and other external partners by embracing an agile mindset that customizes support and operates at the speed of business. Zanewicz, who has more than 20 years of experience in the private and academic sectors, says the work of Engage Tulane is constantly evolving.