NHF honors key healthcare workers at Tulane University

Each year, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) honors those who have made significant contributions to the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders (IBD) community at its annual Awards of Excellence program. The 2022 winners were selected and announced over the weekend at the Bleeding Disorders Conference (BDC) in Houston, Texas. 

Among those honored were Constance “Connie” Thibodeaux, Social Worker of the year and Anita Wood, PT, Physical Therapist of the Year from the Louisiana Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders at Tulane University. Thank you to the National Hemophilia Foundation for these recognitions and their support.

Social work is a key part of bleeding disorder care, and Connie Thibodeaux goes above and beyond to optimize her role and help fellow social workers better serve people in the bleeding disorders community. Thanks to her, Thibodeaux’s community has access to educational resources on bleeding disorders tailored to local needs. “I have learned and continue to learn so much from my peers in this community and am grateful for all the continued education opportunities afforded by the hemophilia community and the National Hemophilia Foundation,” Thibodeaux said.

For Anita Wood, patient advocacy is the name of the game. Wood utilizes her position as a physical therapist to uplift and empower her patients, often accompanying them during orthopedic appointments, and to educate fellow PTs on treating those with an IBD. “I believe in being a true advocate for my patients, always encouraging them in their efforts to achieve their goals,” Wood said.