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School of Medicine employees graduate from Anti-Racism and Emerging Leadership Institutes

December 17, 2021 2:30 PM
Carolyn Scofield scofield@tulane.edu

Mike Woodson, Dr. Sonia Malhotra, Bennetta Horne and Dr. Cecilia Gambala all graduated from the Tulane University Leadership Institute.


Several employees of the School of Medicine recently graduated from the inaugural classes of two Tulane University Leadership Institute (TULI) Programs. Cecilia Gambala, MD, assistant dean of clinical education, and Sonia Malhotra, MD, director of palliative medicine, completed the Anti-Racism Leadership Institute Program. Bennetta Horne, assistant dean for equity, diversity and inclusion, and Mike Woodson, director of admissions, graduated from Tulane’s Emerging Leaders Program. Lesley LeBlanc, director of value-based programming for the Tulane University Medical Group, also graduated from the Emerging Leaders Program.

The goal of both programs is to identify and nurture future university leaders while enhancing the skills, insight, and vision of current leaders. As part of the Anti-Racism Program, Drs. Gambala and Malhotra learned about systemic racism, racial trauma, anti-Black racism, colorism, and interlocking oppressions, and other topics foundational to an understanding of anti-racism leadership. The program also focused on cultivating the leadership skills and ways to continue the work of anti-racism by fostering involvement and inclusion in the broader university community. Malhotra was also chosen by her peers as the “class representative” to give a closing speech to her cohorts.

“It was an incredible, transformative 12-month experience that really taught me so much about promoting Anti-Racism work, racial equity indicators and how to ensure the work of being an Anti-Racist moves forward in our Tulane and New Orleans communities,” said Malhotra. “I’m hoping more School of Medicine faculty are able to go through this course.”

The Emerging Leaders Program covered topics ranging from equity, diversity and inclusion to budgeting and finance. The program offered the chance for Bennetta Horne, Mike Woodson and Lesley LeBlanc to share their expertise and learn from others across the university. Horne was also nominated by her cohorts to provide a closing speech to her fellow emerging leaders.

“Working with the TULI group opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available to impact our Tulane community for the better,” said Woodson. “To see how we are all connected here at Tulane and how there are so many great people on this campus working to make this place better really inspires me to continue all the great work we are doing at the School of Medicine.”

The Tulane University Leadership Institute is part of President Mike Fitts’ Plan for Now. More programs are being planned for 2022.