Specialty pharmacy at Tulane School of Medicine connects patients with hard-to-get medications

VIDEO: WWL-TV features Tulane Pharmacy in a report about saving money on prescriptions.


Tulane’s specialty pharmacy is a convenient way to help patients access the specialty medications they need. Located on the first floor of the Hutchinson Building at Tulane University School of Medicine, the pharmacy offers expertise and personal service to everyone in the community.

“Our goal is to remove barriers to timely treatment,” said Grace Thacker, Regional Director of Tulane Pharmacies. “We handle the insurance approval steps that can take up so much of a provider’s valuable time. We also enroll patients in financial assistance when needed, making sure the treatment is affordable.”

That financial assistance helped best friends Wayne Messina and Joe LaBella, who were both diagnosed with prostate cancer within weeks of each other. The Medicare out-of-pocket copayment for their medication would be anywhere from $2,100 to $3,000 a month, but Tulane Pharmacy got both men enrolled in a grant program that covered the copayments.

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As a specialty pharmacy, Tulane connects patients with medications that are hard to find, highly expensive, or treat complex medical conditions. The team handles insurance, billing prior authorization, medication counseling, coordination of medication delivery and more to make the process easier for both patients and providers.

To learn more about Tulane Pharmacy, visit www.tulanepharmacy.com

  • Phone: 504-577-2278
  • Fax: 504-267-1880
  • 1430 Tulane Ave, Suite 1502
    New Orleans, LA 70112
  • Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM