Tulane One Call Center offers concierge service for appointments and care coordination

The Tulane Doctors - One Call Center is now open to enhance patient experience and streamline access to Tulane healthcare services. The new call center is poised to be a pivotal hub for booking appointments and referrals. It’s a personalized gateway to enhance patient experiences and ensure seamless access to Tulane healthcare services.

Both patients and their referring physicians can use the line to schedule appointments with Tulane Physicians:  Dial 504-988-5000 to be instantly connected to one of the dedicated TUMG team members. They're available to schedule appointments and prioritize your care within the Tulane system by helping you navigate all Tulane clinics, making your healthcare journey smoother and more personalized.

This isn't just a new concierge service; it's a significant step in providing accessible and coordinated healthcare services. The launch of Tulane Doctors - One Call Center reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality, patient-focused care. Are you ready to take the next step in your health journey? Contact 504-988-5000 to connect with our dedicated One Call Center team and schedule with your Tulane Doctor Today!

And for referring physicians who still prefer to fax appointment orders, the OneCall FAX Line is also now open –have them FAX referrals to 504-988-8858.