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Non-conscious bias in medical decision making: What can be done to reduce it?

Stone, J & Moskowitz, GB. Med Educ 2011;45:768-776
 Project Implicit
  Project Implicit (Harvard University)
Implicit Bias Tests


TED Talk: The Problem with Race Based Medicine -- Dorothy Roberts

 AAMC Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training (TACCT)

TACCT - Revised Guide
TACCT - Revised Description of Domains & Objectives
Critical Analysis of the TACCT
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Annotated Bibliography for Cultural Competence

 Includes resources on religion and its impact on health care

 rainbow Cultural Competence: Sexuality and Gender - Implications for Healthcare
Cultural Competence: "Religious Traditions and Healthcare Decisions" Handbook Series. Park Ridge Center for the Study of Health, Faith, and Ethics.


Detailed articles on the implications of beliefs of 30 religious/spiritual traditions on health care. Cover the relationship of the body to the religious beliefs; the patient-caregiver relationship; family, sexuality and procreation; genetics; organ and tissue transplantation; mental health; medical experimentation and research; death and dying, special concerns, holidays and days of mourning, and prayer. Within each topic, when applicable, clinical considerations are discussed.

 Health Disparities

Resources on Health and Healthcare Disparities

Includes resources on: General Information and Statistics; Mental Health; Poverty; Race and Ethnicity

 Outside the house

Featured Resource: Outside the House: A Mental Health Documentary

(video. 80 minutes)

Explores attitudes toward mental health and barriers to mental health care in the black community.