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Lecture Capture Student FAQ

   Yuja FAQ


How can I see the sessions?

To view in list view, you can click on the icon which brings up a view sorted by latest recording

How can I view Yuja outside of Canvas?

Clicking on the  button will give you a full window outside of Canvas.

How can I access Yuja directly outside of Canvas?

  1. For every module, you will need to initially get to Yuja from Canvas so that your username will be authorized for that course.
  2. Once you do this, you can then go to https://tulane.yuja.com and click on ‘All Channels’ and all of the channels that you are subscribed to should appear.

The Yuja Player

How do I download a presentation?

There are two ways to download a presentation:

  1. Download from the presentation itself from the  settings gear and then clicking on the ‘Download Media’ button above
  2. Bulk download from List View. -- This unfortunately has an issue that is currently being looked at.  Please don't use right now.

How do I scroll through thumbnails to find a particular place or slide?

If you do not have thumbnail mode enabled (see below), you can hover over the scroll bar to rapidly scroll through the entire presentation

How do I view thumbnails of the presentation?

  • By clicking on the 't' key on your keyboard

Thumbnail View scrolling

  • Or by clicking on the  option you should now be able to see the following screen:

How do I move forward and back in the presentation by 5-seconds.

  1. Using the ‘J’ key moves the presentation back 5 seconds
  2. Using the ‘L’ key moves the presentation forward 5 seconds.
  3. Here are the other shortcuts available while viewing a video:
Keyboard Shortcuts





Toggle Splitscreen






Toggle Thumbnails


Flash Fallback


External HTML5 Player


Toggle Sidebar


Indicate Confusion


Toggle Audio Description


Seek Forward 5 Seconds


Seek Backward 5 Seconds


Increase Speed


Decrease Speed


Increase Quality


Decrease Quality


Increase Volume


Decrease Volume


How do I search the video for a topic?

If you click on the  button, you should now see the window change to looking like this:
(In this side-bar, it also allows you to ‘Add Notes’ which are time-based.)