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“I am proud to attend a school that allows me to live in the most beautiful and culturally rich city surrounded by outstanding classmates and faculty. There is no way to not leave here a more empathetic, socially conscious, and prepared individual.” -- Chidi Enunwa

Chidi EnunwaChidi Enunwa Class of 2021, Vice-President of TUSOM chapter of Student National Medical Association

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is an organization designed to support underrepresented minority students in medicine and encourage the development of future minority medical professionals. Our students have cultivated lasting relationships and mentorships with students from Tulane, Xavier, Dillard, University of New Orleans, and various high schools in the New Orleans area. Here at TUSOM, we encourage our classmates and those who follow us, academically, socially, and personally. SNMA at TUSOM is more than an organization; it is a place of empowerment, development, and community.


“One of the reasons that I chose Tulane was because of the collaborative and welcoming environment I felt here during my interview day. My classmates continue to inspire, teach, and challenge me in new ways every single day.” --Maya Mahendran

Maya MahendranMaya Mahendran – Class of 2021, Treasurer of American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

Tulane AMWA is a chapter of the larger national American Medical Women’s Association, which aims to advance women within medicine and help to improve women’s health. At Tulane, we have held events to highlight the different paths that women physicians can take throughout their career with a panel of medical students and physicians. In an effort to connect to younger students, we partner regularly with the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School to help judge their science fair and mentor young scientists potentially interested in medicine. Our hope is that through our events, we can carry forward the AMWA mission and help achieve our full potential as future physicians.


"Tulane's atmosphere embodies a warm reception to all people from different walks of life that has given me the opportunities to interact directly with the underserved and disadvantaged population of New Orleans. The myriad of unique experiences my peers, the faculty, and staff have to offer, has enriched our medical education far beyond the standard curriculum. I am incredibly fortunate to be a part of this community that is focused solely on service, mental health, and cultural humility.” --David Le

David LeDavid Le – Class of 2021, Vice-President of Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is an organization that is devoted to the education and engagement of unique health issues of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the United States. At our local Tulane chapter, we work closely with the Vietnamese population here in New Orleans. We held multiple local community health screenings, a lecture series, and an undergraduate mentoring program for those interested in medicine. We continue to shine a spotlight on the barriers of healthcare access to the community and have recruited local physicians to share their experiences and wisdom to the next generation of caretakers.


“From the moment of my interview at Tulane University School of Medicine to sitting in classes now with my peers, the students at Tulane, no matter which year they are in, make me feel like family. No one student is alike and everyone embraces and cherishes each other’s differences by always being welcoming and inclusive.” --Anadil Zakaria

Anadil ZakariaAnadil Zakaria, Class of 2022, Student Leader of Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Tulane is an inclusive club that both educates Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam and serves as a home-base for the current Muslims on campus. The MSA partners with many different organizations to educate and raise awareness about Islam through various programs; for example, we hosted a Palestinian Film Festival earlier this year to shed light on the gut-wrenching tragedies taking place in the majority Muslim country. It also serves as a home-base for current Muslims by advocating on their behalf, and by creating a close knit community amongst one another. Last year, the club pushed administration to create a prayer room for Muslims to use throughout the day, and also hosts Eid picnics yearly so that we can celebrate our religious holiday with each other.

“From day one Tulane struck me as a place where the student body was trained to care for others, first and foremost. To that end, Tulane values diversity in opinions and backgrounds highly, giving me a warm and receptive community to my experiences and needs.” --Adin Reisner

Adin ReisnerAdin Reisner, Class of 2021, President of Jewish Medical Student Organization (JMSO)

JMSO is the Jewish Medical Students’ Organization. Our role is to provide social, religious, and cultural events for Jews and non-Jews of all walks of life. We know the transition to medical school can be scary, especially if you’re coming to a new community and cultural experience. We are here to help you build a new home and a new community here in New Orleans.


“Tulane students are involved at all levels of cultural exchange, from small group learning sessions to the development of curriculum modules. Such involvement fosters an atmosphere of cultural sharing and learning that I feel privileged to be a part of.” --Riley Santiago

Riley SantiagoRiley Santiago, Class of 2020, President of Tulane Organization for Gays and Allies

The Tulane Organization for Gays and Allies (TOGA) is a student organization devoted to the education and advancement of LGBTQIA+ initiatives, including teaching our peers about the specific health needs of LGBTQIA+ patients and families throughout our education, addressing issues, implicit biases, and situations in our classroom experiences, and advocating for improvements within our school and communities. TOGA starts off the year with a welcome event and a rainbow Rod of Caduceus pin sale; these pins are to be worn on one’s white coat to demonstrate a commitment to allyship in an effort to develop an atmosphere of safety and inclusion for patients of all backgrounds. TOGA's sister organization, the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) focuses on off-campus activities for LGBTQIA+ students to foster building a strong sense of community and support as well as offer a platform to interact with the wider New Orleans LGBT communities.