Medical Student Elective

Fourth year medical students rotate two weeks at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation and two weeks at Tulane University Hospital and Clinic. This elective is offered for fourth year medical students and is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in the otolaryngology specialty. Although it is not required, applicants who are considering Tulane for a residency position are encouraged to rotate in order to become more familiar with the faculty and residents as well as to experience the intricacies of a multi-institutional training program. Another senior elective is available for Tulane Medical Students from January to June each year and is designed for individuals seeking a career in primary care. All medical students interested in pursuing a rotation should submit applications through the VSAS program via the AAMC website. For additional information, please contact Tulane Department of Otolaryngology - Senior Executive Secretary, Jessica Tumminello at (504) 988-5454.

We suggest all senior students rotating on our service complete reading of the book Primary Care Otolaryngology by Mark K. Wax, prior to starting on the service.