SOM Faculty Recognition Awards

In 2019, the School of Medicine established the following awards to recognize the faculty's achievements in the areas of clinical care, professionalism, research, mentorship, humanitarianism, and diversity and inclusion. Proposed by the SOM Wellness Committee, and approved by the Dean and the Executive Faculty, these awards demonstrate the School’s sincere appreciation of the faculty and their contributions to advancing the School's mission. The awards and the recognition they bestow will serve to build a stronger academic environment, promote a positive culture within the School, and identify the behaviors and achievements we value as a community. Recipients will receive a plaque and an honorarium and will be recognized at a new annual Faculty Awards Day.

Overall Requirements:

  • Nominations must show relevance to the SOM’s mission, vision, or core values.
  • All awards may be conferred only once to an individual.
  • Contributions in the award area may not have been recognized previously through an institution-level award by the SOM or University.
  • More than one faculty can be nominated from the same section or department if they fulfill the nomination criteria for the award.
  • All full-time and part-time faculty (instructors, assistant professors, associate professors and professors) with a primary appointment in the Tulane School of Medicine are eligible.
  • Verification from the department chair that nominee meets criteria for professional standards and integrity.
  • Nominees must demonstrate professionalism, ethical behavior, and integrity in all endeavors for consideration, as verified by the SOM’s Professionalism Program.
  • Any School of Medicine faculty member can make nominations; self-nominations are allowed, except as noted below.
  • If meritorious candidates are not available, an award will not be presented for that year.
  • An individual considered for nomination who is a member of a selection committee must recuse themselves from the discussion/nomination process.

General Process:

To nominate a faculty member for an award, download and complete the Nomination Form and email it to Dates and deadlines for submitting the nomination form and associated supporting documentation are below.

  • Supporting Documentation:

    • Unless otherwise specified in the specific award criteria, 1 reference letter per nominee is required; up to 3 will be accepted for review

      • These letters need to include how the nominee meets the award criteria
    • Nominee’s CV
    • Nominee's bio sketch or executive summary (executive summary required for those at the Associate Professor rank or higher - maximum two-pages)


Nomination Form Deadline: January 29, 2024
Supporting Documents Deadline: February 26, 2024
Recipient(s) notified: April 2024
Awards Ceremony: May 2024


Faculty Research Award
(2 awarded each year: Basic and Clinical Science)

Presented to the faculty member (MD or PhD) who has made significant contributions to expand medical knowledge and literature through basic sciences, clinical, or translational research. These scientific discoveries, innovations, and contribution to the scientific and medical literature should be recognized through scholarly publications in prominent medical journals. Evidence of high quality research and research leadership will form the basis for selection of the recipient of this award

  • Portfolio will be reviewed by peers across different departments.
  • Executive summary/bio sketch to include list of all current and past grant funding and all publications within last 5 years.
  • Nominees must demonstrate significant and sustained contributions to the advancement of an area of biomedical, behavioral, or medical research.
  • One nomination letter should include commentary on the specific contributions of the individual to a field of medical science as well as the research leadership and service provided to the research community by the individual.  
  • A second nomination letter should be from an individual who is a recognized leader in the nominee's field of research who can address the nominee's contributions to the field.
Outstanding Clinical Care Award
(2 awarded each year: Procedural Specialty and Non-Procedural)

Presented to a clinician faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding skills and commitment in the clinical care of patients, and who, through their teaching has substantially improved the skills and knowledge of residents, students, and medical colleagues at Tulane and in the community. Full-time faculty members (professor, associate, assistant professor or instructor) involved in the direct care of patients, engaged in patient care for at least 50% of the time, or a part-time professor, associate, assistant professor or instructor engaged in direct patient care for the majority of their time are eligible for nomination. Faculty members involved in the direct care of patients, and in clinical areas such as patient safety and quality, clinical diagnostics and healthcare leadership are eligible for nomination. 

  • Demonstrated clinical excellence and expertise, consistently high quality of patient care, professionalism and communication, leadership potential, ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, students and administrators, and continuous service to the TUSOM community.
  • Commitment to team-oriented delivery of patient care.
  • Demonstrates excellent rapport with non-physician clinical staff.
  • Accessibility and commitment to collaboration with other physicians.
  • Dedication to the continuing education of physician colleagues.
  • Historical letters or documents from nurses, trainees, employee/staff that have been received in the past are permitted.
  • May self-nominate, but all nominations must be approved and submitted to the selection committee by the faculty member's section chief, chair, medical director, or center director.
Early Career/Emerging Recognition Award
(2 awarded each year: Basic and Clinical Sciences)

Presented to an early or mid-career level faculty member with 2 to 5 years of experience who has already made a significant contribution to the field of biomedical research, educational research, quality improvement, community engagement, and/or health care research, as evidenced by funding, scholarly productivity, and research leadership.

  • Nominees must be within 10 years of completing their terminal degree or within 10 years of completing their post-doctoral fellowship or medical residency.  
  • Nominees must have achieved at least 2 of the following:
    • a significant record of postdoctoral research that has continued into the junior faculty position;
    • publication in high impact journals;
    • securing of extramural funding;
    • evidence of the establishment of the faculty as an emerging expert in their field.
  • Two letters of support are required, with one of the letters of support from the candidate's previous mentor (e.g. dissertation director, supervisor of postdoctoral fellowship, residency program, etc.)
Professionalism Award

Presented to the faculty member who exemplifies professionalism and fosters a positive and congenial workplace environment on a daily basis.

  • Nominees represent Tulane SOM mission, vision, and core values at the highest levels.
  • Demonstrates exceptional cultural competency, respect, and inclusivity within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, and backgrounds.
  • Consistently promotes professional behavior/environment among colleagues, trainees, and staff.
Women in Medicine Award

Presented to a faculty member in recognition of the leadership qualities of a physician or basic scientist at the SOM, regardless of gender identity, who manifests excellence in clinical care, teaching, scholarship, mentoring, research, leadership, community service, or commitment to continuous learning, and who has exerted influence in fostering a better institutional environment by advocating for women’s issues.

  • Demonstrates extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at TUSOM or in the larger community or to empowering women at TUSOM to reach their full professional potential.
  • Promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity through individual actions or programs.
  • Provides exceptional mentoring of women faculty at SOM.
  • Acts as a role model for women faculty by exemplary leadership or service to the SOM.
  • Promotes active participation of women faculty in local and national leadership positions.
  • Procures financial support for the attendance of our women faculty at development and leadership seminars.
Diversity and Inclusion Award

Presented to recognize a faculty member (clinical, pre-clinical, research, administrative) who has made a significant achievement in promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity through service, teaching, mentoring, and/or research efforts. Outstanding contributions can include activities designed to achieve a diverse workforce, service to the community, exemplary clinical service to underserved populations, educational or research efforts to address bias, health disparities, or to promote inclusivity, development of new or innovative programs to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Nominations should emphasize specific aspects of service, teaching, research or citizenship that contribute to TUSOM goals for diversity and inclusion.
  • Demonstrates exceptional cultural competency, respect, and inclusivity within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, and backgrounds.
  • Outstanding examples of contributions can include, but are not limited to:
    • Administrative service in the area of diversity and inclusion;
    • Activities designed to achieve a diverse workforce or body of trainees;
    • Service to the community via public education programs or campaigns, volunteerism, or non-profit organizations;
    • Exemplary clinical service to underserved populations, colleagues, or the general public;
    • Educational efforts to prevent bias and promote inclusivity and social justice;
    • Development of new or innovative programs to promote diversity and inclusion;
    • Impactful research aimed at identifying and addressing health disparities or the medical needs of underserved populations;
    • Efforts to eliminate health inequalities and improve health outcomes in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.
Humanitarianism and Community Outreach Award

Recognizes a faculty member’s contributions/service that go above and beyond day-to-day responsibilities or job description. Service must align with one or more of TUSOM’s mission areas of patient care, research, education, and community.

  • Serves the SOM through significant individual efforts and consistently demonstrates service contributions through a single endeavor or multiple activities.
  • Demonstrates longstanding commitment to excellence, altruism, community, and Tulane’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Service activities may be conducted within TU and affiliated institutions or in local, national, or international contexts.
  • SOM faculty members may nominate a fellow faculty member; self-nominations are not accepted for this award.
  • Appointed for at least five years as a full-time professor, associate, assistant professor or instructor, or an adjunct at a primary affiliated teaching hospital of Tulane SOM.
  • Recognizes the recipient's ability to model humanism in the practice of medicine.
  • Nominee’s accomplishments also may be demonstrated through contributions in any of the following areas:
    • Providing pro bono patient care regionally, nationally, internationally;
    • Providing patient care regionally, nationally, internationally that inspires learners and others to perform above and beyond the call of duty;
    • Organizing patient care locally, regionally, nationally, internationally;
    • Creating opportunities or organizations that provide service to vulnerable or special needs populations;
    • Providing leadership or extending service to organizations that serve vulnerable or special needs populations;
    • Educating health care professionals who provide service with limited resources;
    • Advocacy for underserved or other populations.
Mentorship Award

Presented to honor a faculty member for helping to build a supportive academic environment, providing a vital resource for growth and success, and enhancing excellence in the Tulane SOM. The award is presented to a faculty member who is a trusted advisor and role model, and who has generously donated their time and expertise effectively in one or more of the following areas: research, clinical care, or education and scholarship, while advocating for the advancement of their mentees in their chosen discipline. Evidence of outstanding teaching and/or mentoring must be provided from faculty evaluations.

  • Can be nominated by current or past mentees, including faculty or students, or nominated by colleagues with opportunity to observe.
  • Self-nominations are not allowed.
  • Examples of Mentorship Areas:
    • Teaching – describe how the mentor helped the mentee achieve excellence in teaching (e.g. teaching awards; recommendations from trainees, achievement of teaching roles).
    • Scholarship/research – describe how the mentor helped the mentee with presentations and publications; federal, industry-sponsored, or investigator-initiated grants awarded to mentees and extramural committees.
    • Career advancement - describe how the mentor helped to shape your career goals and/or guided in your decisions to achieve promotion and appointment to leadership within the school or external professional groups.
Allyship Award for Women in Medicine and Science

This award recognizes a non-female ally who serves as a strong mentor and sponsor for women in medicine and science, supporting and empowering females at all stages of their careers to achieve their professional goals.

The recipient is selected based on the following criteria:

  • Open advocate for women in medicine and science
  • Long-standing support, mentorship, and sponsorship of women in medicine and science of either:
    1. An individual woman in medicine in science or
    2. A larger group of women in medicine in science (e.g., residents, fellows, graduate and medical students, faculty)
  • Demonstrates commitment to inclusivity.

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