Staff Retention/Advancement Subcommitee

The Staff Retention/Advancement Subcommittee endeavors to explore opportunities to make the School of Medicine a place where staff can be recognized, realize their ambitions, and develop into professional leaders. 

Subcommittee Members

Stacey Schwankhart (Lead) - Senior HR Business Partner, Human Resources

Kathryn Bunting-Parsons - Director, Standardized Patients Program

Ragan Gankendorff - Executive Director Health Sys Clinical Affairs & Exec Dir/Associate Chair Neurosciences

Bethany Branson - Senior Program Coordinator, Office of the Dean

Javier Pineda - Program Manager, Pediatrics

Vanessa Durbin - Senior Clinical Administrator, General Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, & Palliative Medicine

Gilbert Estrada - Senior Executive Secretary, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Venicia Stewart - Program Manager, Tulane Center for Airborne Infectious and Transmission Science

Staff Kudos Program

The SAIDE Staff Advancement/Retention Subcommittee is proud to partner with the Professional/Environment of Learning Program (PELP) to announce the new Staff Kudos Program! If you see a staff member going above and beyond or doing exceptional work, please don’t hesitate to submit a Kudos Form and let us know! We know there are amazing things going on at the School of Medicine and want to hear all about them. SAIDE will select one entry from the PELP Kudos Form every month that best exemplifies one of the School of Medicine Guiding Principles and that individual will receive a personalized message from the Dean and have their name and comments shared with the Tulane School of Medicine and Tulane social media. Once every four months, one nominated individual will be selected as our Tri-Annual winner and will have their name and comments shared and the option to choose one prize* (with approval from the Dean's Office) which can include breakfast/Lunch for the individual’s team (contingent on size/expense cap), a floating holiday (to be determined with supervisor), a parking space for 15 days, a ticket to a Tulane Event, or a $50 Gift Card to an experience (i.e. dinner, museum, etc.). *Staff are limited to one triannual award per year. Award possibilities will be customized based on the individual; floating holidays must be approved by supervisor. There is no restriction to how many kudos cards a staff member can get, but only 5 entries will be considered for the “raffles” each year.

We look forward to finding more opportunities to celebrate our wonderful Tulane SOM Staff every day!

2024 Staff Kudos Monthly Winners

January - Virginia Romero, Surgery
February - Marlene Jones, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
March - Michael Evans, Structural & Cellular Biology


2023 Staff Kudos Tri-Annual Winners

Jan-April - Allison West, Pulmonary/Critical Care
May-Aug - Stephanie Rye, Surgery
Sept-Dec - Victoria Bustamante, Neurology


2023 Staff Kudos Monthly Winners

January - Elizabeth DuQuesne, Dermatology
February - Cade Harkrider, Clinical Transition Unit
March - Bethany Barnoski, Surgery
April - Chanda Camese, Surgery
June - Brandy Perry, Medicine-Administration
July - Teena Geiger, Internal Medicine
August - Angie Cantrell, TUMG Charge Capture/Coding
September - Victoria Bustamante, Neurology
October - Caroline Rhodes, Surgery
November - Vanessa Durbin, Internal Medicine
December - Nyja Horton, Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences