Clinical Rotations - Registration Information

Visit this page often for information about registering for clinical rotations.

Pre-Clinical Scheduling Information

All T1 and T2 students are scheduled for required rotations by the Office of Student Affairs.  T1 and T2 students should attend Dean's Hours and monitor their email accounts for information on registering for required electives.

Clinical Scheduling Information

T3 students register for clinical rotations by preferencing a "donut" path in eMedley: students begin preferencing in late February; final donut paths are assigned in early March.  Attend required Dean's Hours and monitor your email for more information about preferencing your T3 path.

T4 students register for clinical rotations during their one-on-one registration appointment, assigned by lottery number.  T4 registration appointments begin in mid-January and are generally completed by the end of February.  Attend required Dean's Hours and monitor your email for more information about T4 registration appointments.

All registration information is posted in eMedley's eCurriculum: eMedley log in

In eCurriculum, navigate to the relevant link:

  • Most T3 registration information (including clinical rotation FAQs, donut-exception forms, LOA forms, and advice if you have to go off the donut) is posted under the "T3 Required" link.
  • Most T4 registration information (including clinical calendar block dates, registration guides, required mentor advising worksheets, registration worksheets, and LOA forms) is posted under the "T4 Elective" link.

Away Rotation Information

Tulane T4s may be eligible to complete extramural clerkships ("away" rotations).  Students must complete all T3 core clerkships ("donut" clerkships) at Tulane. 

Students who wish to complete away rotations must have all away rotations pre-approved using our defined approval process.  No away rotations will be approved or added to students' transcripts retroactively.  Use the "T4 Away Rotations" link in eMedley's eCurriculum for the process, forms, and additional information about how to have your away rotation approved and then added to your T4 schedule.

All affiliation agreements are handled by the Office of Academic Affairs.

If your host institution requires documents such as mask fit proof, malpractice verification, etc., see eCurriculum's "T4 Away Rotations" link for information about where to get this documentation.

Tulane University uses VSAS for students of United Statements medical schools who wish to complete electives at Tulane.  Not all departments are able to host visiting students.  Check VSAS for more information.  See our Visiting Student page for more information.

Tulane University cannot accommodate rotation requests from students who are enrolled at international schools of medicine.

Leave of Absence Information

Students may request a leave of absence for a variety of reasons, including pursuing research, completing a combined degree at Tulane or an advanced degree at another institution, remediating requirements or studying for USMLE exams, or attending to other personal reasons.

Students should seek advising from Dean LeDoux by

  1. Completing the LOA advising forms and process (posted in eMedley's eCurriculum in both the "T3 Required" and "T4 Elective" links), then
  2. Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with him to discuss your plans and questions, then
  3. Following the process outlined in the "Leave of Absence Checklist" posted in eCurriculum to make your official request.