Summary of Tulane School of Medicine EDI Initiatives and Action Items

Three images showing a surgeon wearing mask, School of medicine logo on glass door and three students sitting on a bench

We strive to create a culture that places equity, diversity, and inclusion at the center of all that we do. Below, we highlight a few of the EDI initiatives that are completed, in progress, or planned. If you would like more detail or to learn about other initiatives, reach out to the Office of Multicultural Affairs(OMA) and the Asst. Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at

I. Expanded Diversity Leadership Opportunities

  • Hired an Assistant Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and a Curriculum Director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for medical student education. Completed
  • Hired a Chief Clinical Diversity Officer, who will work with the Assistant Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to coordinate and support EDI efforts and enable accountability through the School of Medicine. Completed
  • Added a position in the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office with survey and data analytics expertise to support the development, collection, aggregation, and analysis of GME metrics. Completed
  • Inclusion of EDI perspectives in all major recruitments. This includes implicit bias training for search committees and  the involvement of the Assistant Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion on search committees. Completed
II. Strategic Planning Improvements

  • Leading the School of Medicine’s participation in the university-wide Strategic Planning Initiative – “Strategy for Tomorrow” to create a 5-year EDI and Anti-Racist Strategic Plan. Completed and Ongoing
  • Launched the Anti-Racism Leadership Program (ARLP) and the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to improve the diversity of the university’s management and leadership ranks, SoM actively engaged in supporting our program members. Ongoing
  • Established the Dean’s DEI Coalition to provide recommendations in the areas of Education, Research, Clinical, and Leadership. Completed
  • Created improved space for the Office of Multicultural Affairs, that is easily accessible and features a newly dedicated group meeting area. Completed
III. Enhanced Education and Training

  • Requiring every member of the SoM community to complete an online training module focused on “Diversity in the Workplace”. Ongoing
  • Mandated EDI training for executive faculty, faculty search committee members, admissions committee members, and residency and fellowship program directors and coordinators. Completed and ongoing
  • Established a Professionalism Task Force to evaluate the SoM’s Professionalism/Environment of Learning Program and mechanisms to report and track unprofessional (including racist/discriminatory) behavior. In progress
  • Established SAIDE (Staff Advocacy, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity), an organization composed of staff members from all parts of the school of medicine committed to advocating for staff, including initiatives related to advancement, retention, EDI, mentorship, and community-building.  Completed and ongoing
  • View a video of the December 2021 Clinical Enterprise Community Meeting and learn about the work and progress being made in GME Leadership, EDI, Professionalism, Workload and Communication.
IV. Cultural Commitments

  • Sensei Change Associates, LLC, a premier leadership advisory group, conducted an organizational culture assessment in relation to equity, diversity, and inclusion at Tulane University's School of Medicine. Their input guided the actions, listed below, that were initiated by the School of Medicine. Read Sensei's Executive Summary from September 2021.
  • Created the student-led Liaison Committee on Racial and Social Justice in Medical Education to provide input regarding the curriculum and serve as a liaison with the Curriculum Committee; initial recommendations are in the process of being implemented. Completed
  • Established the TUSOM EDI Council, connecting representatives from all departments to come together and share ideas, discuss best practices, and develop solutions that can help create a more welcoming and inclusive place for all. Completed and ongoing
  • Residency/fellowship programs are including discussions of EDI perspectives in clinical, educational, and research venues in program meetings and in didactics on implicit bias and inclusivity. Ongoing
  • Established annual school-wide diversity grand rounds, first topic was titled “ERASE-ing Mistreatment by Patients,” which addressed mistreatment of healthcare professionals by patients including but not limited to overt racism, sexual harassment, and microaggressions. Completed and ongoing
  • In addition to conducting an EDI Organizational Culture assessment, Sensei Change Associates, LLC conducted a Clinical Site Assessment. View a video presentation of the December, 2021 Clinical Enterprise Town Hall for an update on the School of Medicine's progress.  Read the Executive Summary of the EDI Clinical Site Assessment.
V. Improved Communications

  • Developing a reporting system where students can notify the administration if they come across and/or are taught things which they find offensive or discriminatory. In progress
  • Institute a series of events that allow more direct communication with SoM Leadership, i.e. Community Meetings, Open Office Hours, etc. Ongoing
  • Establish regular communications from the GME office (DIO and others) to residents and fellows. Ongoing
  • Established the Inside Tulane Med weekly newsletter to update on news, meetings and information within the SoM, including many focused on EDI related activities. Completed and Ongoing


Updated as of 8/3/2022