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Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

Baby-boomers are coming of age: the graying of our population

Aging is often defined as a progressive decline in the ability of an organism to withstand stress, damage, and disease. It is characterized by an increase in the incidence of degenerative and neoplastic disorders. Aging plays itself out over a lifetime, proceeding at a varied pace in different individuals in whom its manifestations display marked heterogeneity. The U.S. population is projected to increase to 438 million in 2050. At the same time, those over the age of 65 will increase to 20% of the population. By the year 2020, there will be nearly 10 million Americans over the age of 85. On the other hand, 77% of current workers stated that they expected to work past the age of 65, according to a 2008 Pew Research Center survey. This points to the imperative of enhancing function ability and quality of life in an aging population. Thus, our COBRE is dedicated to furthering basic, translational, and clinical research that leads to healthy aging.

The Aging and Regenerative Medicine COBRE supports 22 jobs!

This includes 3 technicians, 1 undergraduate student, 6 graduate students, 2 postdoctoral fellows, 9 faculty, and 1 administrative staff.  In addition, 8 senior faculty serve as mentors in the program.