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Homeless youth are often in need of someone to talk to about the stress of their current living situation, sometimes about the reasons that led them to the Drop In, sometimes about trauma experienced at home on the streets or in jail.

We strive to offer mental health services which are respectful and sensitive to a population that is unique in its diversity, typically marginalized and underserved. Too frequently so many of our clients are suspicious of mental health providers. The staff is committed to a non threatening, non-judgmental approach to each individual who comes to us.  

Mental health services are available to clients in conjunction with both the primary health care provided by the Drop In Clinic and with the supportive services offered at the Drop In Center.

The mental health services accessible to all clients are:

  • screening and assessment
  • crisis intervention
  • case management
  • individual, couples, family and group therapy
  • medication management

We also offer substance abuse counseling adhering to the  harm reduction model. This is an essential element of the program because a large portion of our youth have identified that the use of alcohol and other drugs is central in their lives.

Mental Health Services

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