Eid Dinner Hosted by Office of Multicultural Affairs


Students (T1s, T2s, and T3s), professors, attendings, fellows, and researchers attended the Dinner Party on Saturday, the 17th, in Murphy’s Leone Center for Eid. This was one of the first Eid dinners to be approved by TUSOM. Eid is the time after the month of Ramadan, during which Muslims celebrate the completion of fasting Ramadan. They enjoy visiting family, friends, and members of the community and share delicious meals and gifts to spread happiness and foster a close-knit community, whose goodness spreads far. They also start this lovely occasion by giving charity to the poor.

This dinner was graciously approved by Ms. Bennetta Horne, the Director of TUSOM’s Office of Multicultural Affairs, upon receiving the suggestion of a T1 student, Yonis Hakim. Mr. Jordan Bradford, the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean's Office, courteously helped the T1 student in arranging the authentic food for the event and coordinating the event to be a smooth and lovely one.

During the dinner, students and faculty of different ways of life and stages in their career development came together to build bridges and learn more about their fellow colleagues’ way of life. They also shared their colleague’s joys and meaningful moments in a celebration of inclusion and understanding. The dinner exemplified the kind sentiment of Eid of sharing blessings of delicious food with family, friends, and the community. Indeed, not only students and faculty enjoyed the authentic delicacies of this grand dinner, but also much-appreciated staff of the TUSOM community, such as the custodial services staff and the security, whose significant work is dearly valued and respected. Gratitude is a part of Ramadan and Eid, and we hope that gratitude that is due to TUSOM at large has been shown, and we are thankful for the Office of Multicultural Affairs for making this dinner possible. Eid Mubarak!