Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation & Team Training

Located in the state of the art simulation facility in the Tulane School of Medicine's Murphy Building, the METI Human Patient Simulator is a fully-interactive, life-sized intubatable mannequin that simulates common problems found in the operating room. Linked to a computer through a host of electro-mechanical equipment, this integration makes the users experience very realistic.

Computerized mathematical models of human physiology and a feedback-based pharmacokinetics system assist the mannequin in responding in real time to all user interventions.

The human patient simulator can be connected to a full suite of anesthesia machines and appropriate scenarios can be programmed. Separate event, drug, and physiologic logs are auto-recorded during usage and can be viewed offline. Read More


  • Reactive eyes, dilating pupils
  • Intubatable airway
  • Voice through airway speaker
  • Independent chest excursion
  • Simulated pneumothorax and chest tube placement
  • CPR Chest compression can be administered
  • ECG, Defibrillation, Pacing
  • Interosseus infusion (Right leg only)
  • Carotid pulse
  • Bilateral pulses at Brachial, Radial, Femoral and Pedal Locations
  • Popliteal pulse (ECS mannequin and later versions of HPS mannequin)
  • Choice of heart and breath sounds

Additional information can be found at Tulane University School of Medicine Center for Advanced Medical Simulation & Team Training website for more information.

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