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CTU Waiting Room

Waiting Area
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CTU Clinic Room

Exam Room
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Consult Room

Consult Room
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  • Attractive, well-equipped clinic space available for many types of clinical research visits, including minor invasive procedures, with 7 Exam rooms and 5 Consult Rooms for adult and pediatric research visits, and a waiting room with two televisions which show customized health programs for our population
  • An Infusion room with 4 Infusion Chairs, along with i-Pads for the subjects to spend time during their infusion visits.
  • A laboratory with two blood drawing chairs, two centrifuges, a refrigerated microcentrifuge, a minus 20 freezer, two minus 80 freezers, and a regular refrigerator with freezer, which allow for real time specimen preparation and processing, storage, and shipping of study-related biological specimens
  • Capabilities to conduct bone density and body composition analysis via DXA Lunar Prodigy Advance
  • Highly-skilled nurses and coordinators available to assist the investigator in recruiting patients, reviewing patient eligibility, educating patients about clinical trial requirements as well as routine health education as required for many studies, and conducting clinical assessment and follow-up;
  • Nursing services available for blood draws, ECGs, injections, infusions, etc.
  • Assistance in preparing laboratory specimens for shipment to central laboratories with IATA-certified technicians
  • Research study budget experts available to design and manage research budgets
  • Regulatory specialists to assist you with the IRB and related paperwork.
  • ClinicalTrials.Gov expertise in study record creation, submission, management throughout the study conduction and assistance with results entry after the study is completed.
  • A special unit (TCRC) designed based on CDC guidelines to conduct COVID-19 studies for COVID positive patients, and for vaccine studies.