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Required Online Trainings

Two documents are now required for ALL members of a research study team.   The two documents are:

1 or both of the first two:

CITI training certificate “Good Clinical Practice” *PREFERRED

CITI training certificate “Group 1 for Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel”

Everyone must complete:

CITI training certificate “Conflict of Interest” or COI

Once you have completed both sections, save your certificates to one of your own document files.  Then you must upload them to your “User Profile” on IRBnet.  No one else can do this for you because it requires your access to IRBnet, which you should never share with anyone.  If you are unfamiliar with IRBnet, the instructions for registration and use are on the right side of the following webpage:   Follow the directions below to complete these instructions.


Complete CITI training:
You will complete the Group 1 for Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel or the Good Clinical Pracice (GCP).  Once you have completed the training, save your certificate to a computer document file.

Complete the COI component on the CITI website.

Register on IRBnet:  Go to your “user profile” and complete the requested information.  Upload both of your CITI certificates and submit them both.

Go to the Tulane Conflict of Interest website and read the policy:  Next, please go to the website: and complete your COI submission.

Make certain that you have completed the University’s annual Conflict of Interest requirements.  If you have questions, contact:  Genean Mathieu, Tulane University Administrative Compliance Specialist, Office of the General Counsel, at, or telephone 504-247-1286.