Dermatology Chair's Welcome


Erin Boh

Welcome, I have always been proud to call New Orleans home. Being a native New Orleanian, I grew up with a hefty respect for Tulane University, its faculty and its medical school. I had the good fortune to experience Tulane from multiple perspectives- the graduate school, the work experience in the Pathology department at Tulane, the medical school experience and also as an intern at the "Big Charity". I carried that invaluable experience with me when I did residency at UT Southwestern. There I experienced the pride and felt the respect when I told people of my training days at Charity. I felt I was prepared for anything and everything. After finishing residency, I knew I had to be back home where I could do the most good and contribute to my city, my community and my career. So I returned to be on the faculty in Dermatology.Read More

My love of teaching residents has never wavered over the years. From each group of residents, I learned valuable life and career lessons and have remained friends with the many alumni who have completed their residency. From the patients I have treated, I have come to respect the strength and perseverance they have and have developed a bit of it myself. I have seen residents blossom into stars in their own right and have been proud to see their careers and their lives flourish. Residents learn to thrive and be productive and caring individuals who give of themselves to patients, to family and to community, given the right environment and stimulation. I am proud to be part of a team and legacy that continues to produce outstanding physicians and dermatologists.

The patients we care for in our diverse clinic and inpatient settings all contribute to the success of the program. They provide us the setting for a unique yet diverse learning experience. To care for those in need is both selfish and generous because we benefit so much from their situations. As Chair, my goal is to help residents develop themselves as individuals and as physicians. Once the residents have finished residency, their goal is to start living the full life by providing the expertise patients need and by giving to family, community and service.

The most important aspect of our residency program is its residents. We value their input and they contribute greatly to the program by being part of a team- all for one and one for all. We are a family of sorts- we work together and support each other. Because we work closely with a small group of people, it is important for us to recognize the individual and the group. Our emphasis is on the group- we work well together, share the problems and accolades. If it is important to make good friends, work hard, study and experience a fulfilling residency providing care to those most in need, Tulane Dermatology is the place for you.

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