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Combined Degrees



Evolving Healthcare Landscape
Future leaders in medicine must excel as clinicians as well as managers in the complex and rapidly evolving environment that now dominates health care. A growing number of medical students are complementing their medical education with MBA degrees.

Students who choose the MD/MBA option often plan careers with both administrative and clinical responsibilities. MD/MBA holders can operate their clinics more effectively, run a healthcare organization, manage a research project, or advocate for their patients and work to fix the healthcare system.

The School of Medicine is partnering with the internationally recognized A. B. Freeman School of Business to offer medical students two options for completing a joint MD/MBA program. These opportunities allow students to complete both degrees more rapidly than when done separately.

4-Year Program for Newly Admitted MD Students
In the accelerated business curriculum of the four-year program, students take courses at the Freeman School of Business in the summer prior to and the summer at the end of the first year of medical school. Students then complete their business education throughout the remainder of their time at the medical school. Participants take some courses together with Freeman students in the part-time, Professional MBA (PMBA) program, benefiting from their work experience and the opportunity to collaborate on projects with non-clinicians. Learn more about the 4-year program.

5-Year Program for Current MD Students
Students in the five-year combined program save a year of training when compared to getting both degrees separately. Students apply to the combined program during the fall of their third year of medical school. Accepted students spend the fourth year of the program in the Freeman School. The fifth year is divided between the School of Medicine and the business school. Unique to this MD/MBA program is a global leadership component, which includes international travel to provide real-world learning.

Medical students interested in pursuing the five-year joint program can find additional details and a link to the application on the MBA website: http://mba.tulane.edu/overview.php

MBA for Practicing Physicians
Practicing physicians also have an opportunity to earn an MBA. The Tulane Professional MBA (PMBA) Program shares the same curriculum, faculty, and quality with the Full-Time MBA Program, but has greater convenience for working professionals. Students complete 54 credit hours over a three-year time span, attending classes part-time in the evenings.

For more details about the PMBA program: http://pmba.tulane.edu/

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The Tulane University School of Medicine, in conjunction with the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, offers combined, or dual, degree programs. Medical students may earn either the MPH, MSPH, MPH & TM or PHD degree while studying for their medical degree.

The masters degree in public health or in tropical medicine requires a student to be enrolled in both the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. These combined degree programs are designed as four year programs. Students interested in studying in either of these combined degree programs are encouraged to begin their public health studies during the summer prior to entry into medical school. Additional information can be obtained from the MD/MPH program office.

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MD/MS in Bioethics

Program Fully Approved for students starting in the summer of 2020. Accepting applications after October 1, 2019.

Recognizing local needs and national trends, an interdisciplinary faculty from the Program in Medical Ethics and Human Values in Tulane University’s School of Medicine now propose to create a new major degree within a currently existing program. The Master of Science in Bioethics and Medical Humanities will be a special track within the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Graduate Program at Tulane School of Medicine. It will include an option for a dual degree (MD/MS) similar to the other combined degrees shown on this page.

This is a two-year, 33 credit hour post-baccalaureate program leading to a Master of Science in Bioethics and Medical Humanities. This program is designed to improve the credentials of learners who are:

  1. Dual-degree students in Medicine, Law, Public Health, and Social Work;
  2. Interested in applying for admission to medical, dental, and other health-related professional schools;
  3. Mid-Career Professionals who wish to enhance their scholarly and clinical background in these areas for future service or scholarship.

For more information regarding the MD/MS Bioethics and Medical Humanities program, visit: https://medicine.tulane.edu/education/biomedical-sciences-graduate-program/mdms-bioethics or contact Executive Director, David J. Doukas, MD at ddoukas1@tulane.edu.  


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Students interested in earning the PhD and MD degrees must enroll in both the Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and the School of Medicine. There are two programs leading towards the PhD degree: MD/PhD Dual Degree Program and the Physician/Scientist Program (PSP).

  • PSP requires enrollment in both doctoral programs prior to beginning medical studies
  • Accepted students must begin graduate studies the summer prior to entry into medical school
  • 2 students accepted each year. Must have exceptional academic credentials and prior research experience
  • Accepted students receive a fellowship covering medical and graduate school tuition costs
  • A stipend is paid during Graduate School studies
  • Accepted students must complete both the PhD and MD degree.

The MD/PhD Dual Degree Program can be entered into anytime after beginning medical school studies, but it is suggested that interested students apply for entry into the Graduate Program no later than prior to the beginning of their third year of medical studies.

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