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Combined Degrees



Newly admitted MD students can earn both an MD and an MBA in five years through through a partnership between Tulane University School of Medicine and the Freeman School of Business. 

In addition to providing the business acumen to manage a private practice or become a healthcare administrator, an MBA can open career paths in a broad range of sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, or investment banking. Many students also credit their MBA with making them more competitive in the matching process.  

Click on the provided link to learn more about the five-year combined format

MD/MBAs know the business of healthcare!

Learn more on the Freeman School’s website, https://freeman.tulane.edu/md-mba.

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The Tulane University School of Medicine, in conjunction with the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, offers combined, or dual, degree programs. Medical students may earn either the MPH, MSPH, MPH & TM or PHD degree while studying for their medical degree.

The masters degree in public health or in tropical medicine requires a student to be enrolled in both the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. These combined degree programs are designed as four year programs. Students interested in studying in either of these combined degree programs are encouraged to begin their public health studies during the summer prior to entry into medical school. Additional information can be obtained from the MD/MPH program office.

MD/MPH Student Testimonials

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MD/MS in Bioethics & Medical Humanities

The interdisciplinary faculty in the Program in Medical Ethics and Human Values at Tulane University’s School of Medicine offer a Master of Science in Bioethics and Medical Humanities, a special track within the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Graduate Program, with a dual MD/MS degree option available. This is a 33-credit-hour program leading to a Master of Science in Bioethics and Medical Humanities earned at the same time as the MD, adding no extra time to graduation.

  • The MD/MS requires separate application to and enrollment in the MS program prior to beginning medical studies
  • Accepted students must begin MS coursework the summer prior to entry into medical school
  • Accepted students must complete both the MS and MD degree.

For more information regarding the MD/MS Bioethics and Medical Humanities program, visit: https://tulane.edu/bioethics or email the program at tulanemedicalethics@tulane.edu.

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Students interested in earning the PhD and MD degrees must enroll in both the Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and the School of Medicine. There are two programs leading towards the PhD degree: MD/PhD Dual Degree Program and the Physician/Scientist Program (PSP).

  • PSP requires enrollment in both doctoral programs prior to beginning medical studies
  • Accepted students must begin graduate studies the summer prior to entry into medical school
  • 2 students accepted each year. Must have exceptional academic credentials and prior research experience
  • Accepted students receive a fellowship covering medical and graduate school tuition costs
  • A stipend is paid during Graduate School studies
  • Accepted students must complete both the PhD and MD degree.

The MD/PhD Dual Degree Program can be entered into anytime after beginning medical school studies, but it is suggested that interested students apply for entry into the Graduate Program no later than prior to the beginning of their third year of medical studies.

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