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Office of Graduate Medical Education ~ Credentialing & Fees


Verification of Medical School Education & Postgraduate Training
Credentialing Procedures and Fees
2017-2018 Academic Year


Please read information listed below for instructions & fees:
**ALL REQUESTS will be processed in the order received and will be verified within a 3-4 week period due to our workload.

Mail to:
Tulane University School of Medicine
Office of Graduate Medical Education
1430 Tulane Avenue, #8025
New Orleans, LA 70112

Barbara Perry, Credentialing Coordinator
Phone 504-988-0745 or 504-988-5464
Fax: (504) 988-6789

Physical Address:
Tulane University School of Medicine
Office of Graduate Medical Education
131 South Robertson Street
Suite 1520
New Orleans, LA 70112

Payment Options:

Credit Card Payments via the online form below


By Mail - Check or Money Order (send to the mailing address listed above)

Payable to: Tulane University - GME

Mailed requests and payments must include:
  1. Physician's name while attending Tulane 
  2. Year of graduation
  3. Your contact information
  4. Instructions on where to send the documents

Waiver of Fees (no fees if you are in any of the groups listed below)

  1. Active duty military physicians
  2. 2017 graduates - Verification of postgraduate training and/or medical school education during first year after graduation date
  3. Residents or Fellows currently training at Tulane
  4. Federal governmental agencies
  5. Hospital Corporation of America (HCA/Parallon Hospitals)
  6. Verification requests sent from the American Medical Association (AMA)



Erroneous or Overpayments may cause Refund Delays





Employer Verifications Requests (third party)


$20.00 - Must include the following:

  1. Physician's name while attending Tulane
  2. Type of degree being verified (example: MD degree and/or postgraduate training
  3. Graduation or completion date
  4. Authorization of release

NOTE: Total fee is $20.00 for both MD degree and/or postgraduate training, when documents are submitted together.

Completion of State Board Forms for Licensure


$20.00 (per state)

NOTE: Total fee is $20.00 for both MD degree and/or postgraduate training, when documents are submitted together.

$20.00 fee includes the transcript, Dean's letter & diploma, if required by the board.

Do not select them separately or you will be overcharged. Click the box under "Concerns or Questions" to comment on documents needed.

State Board Licensure requiring only a Transcript


$10.00 (per state)

Medical School Transcript

Dean's Letter (MSPE)

Certification of a (1) Medical School diploma or
(2) Postgraduate Completion Certificate**


$10.00 each document ($5.00 for each additional document when multiples are requested.)

Tulane's policy does not allow an MSPE to be sent directly to a graduate.

**A copy of the document must be uploaded with the on-line request. We do not always have a copy in the file.

Transcripts or Dean's Letters (MSPE) uploaded to ERAS/MIDUS for Fellowships


$10.00 each document

Delivery Options & Document Fees:
  • No charge for U.S. mail or faxed verifications
  • Fed Express Standard overnight by 3pm Business or 8pm Residence = $35.00
  • Fed Express 2-day Business by 4:30pm = $25.00
  • Pre-paid air bills are accepted (FedEx only)
Other Important Notes:
  • Graduate Medical Education is the primary contact for Verification of Post-graduate medical training (4 year MD Degrees and residency & fellowship training).
  • Tulane University Uptown Registrar's Office handles all other verifications not listed above.
  • The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is not affiliated with Tulane's GME. If the NSC is unable to verify a physician, the request must be verified by GME according to our procedures and fees.

updated 06/22/2016