Research Assistance




  • Career Development (CD) Club to support interdisciplinary training & collaboration, peer mentorship, and a network of junior faculty focused on health sciences research
  • Ongoing institutionally sponsored annual Writing Programs that provide hands-on, interactive sessions and one-on-one consultation with grant writing experts
  • Ongoing institutionally sponsored Leadership Workshops, including project and laboratory management skill development
  • Nature Masterclasses online trainings designed to build research, scientific and grant writing, networking, and presentation skills
  • Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Support (MARS) Program that assists Tulane Scholars with conducting key components of systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Faculty Travel Funds to support dissemination of research findings and professional collaboration at international venues
  • Supporting Impactful Publications (SIP) Program to assist in covering fees to support open access options for high-impact peer-reviewed publications for Tulane scholars serving as corresponding authors who do not have grants or other funds available to cover them
  • Annual Tulane Health Sciences Research Days & Keynote Lectures that promote interest and facilitate future collaboration among researchers across disciplines
  • Interactive Promotion and Tenure Sessions regarding policies and procedures, to facilitate understanding of academic review processes and strategies to succeed
  • Faculty Development and Mentoring Website with online links to mentoring tools, evaluation forms, research resources, and funding opportunities, to name a few
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity online tools and programs funded by the University to support faculty development and career advancement at faculty’s pace
  • Faculty Physician Scientist Pipeline Program provides salary support to protect up to 50% time and provide career development funds for research-focused physicians to engage in mentored research activities on a pathway to research independence.
  • Tuition Waivers for six credit hours per semester (up to 18 credit hours per year) for graduate coursework at Tulane
  • Tulane SOM Research Pilot Grants provide up to $25,000 to primarily junior faculty with quality research proposals to obtain pilot data supporting future grant submissions
  • Other: Access to statistical and research support through the LACaTS (Louisiana clinical and translational science Center) and the Tulane University Translational Science Institute (TUTSI) among other institutes and centers