Preventive Medicine Residency - Salary & Benefits

For the 2022-2023 academic year, resident salaries are set at $57,220.89 for the first year of the Preventive Medicine Residency (PGY2) and $59,177.95 for the second year (PGY3). These rates are competitive with other resident salaries in this part of the country.


Parking in the Tulane downtown complex will be provided free of charge to Tulane residents. A refundable cash deposit of approximately $20.00 - $30.00 is required.


United Health Care health insurance premiums are paid in full for all residents. Family health coverage is available and is paid for by the residents. Optional dental insurance is provided through United Health Insurance Company and is available to residents and their families for an additional fee.

A $25,000 life insurance policy is provided at no cost to residents. Supplemental life insurance is available for a nominal fee. Disability insurance premiums are paid in full for all residents.

Malpractice insurance coverage is provided for each resident by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Office of Public Health. 

Health, life and disability benefits are not provided to residents while they are on leave of absence.  but residents may elect to purchase these benefits.


Preventive Medicine residents receive 28 days of vacation per year. These 28 days will include 6 weekend days and 10 state/federal holidays. The remaining vacation days may be scheduled by the residents. The Preventive Medicine program is unique when compared to other residency programs in the Institution because residents do not take overnight call. This vacation policy is necessary in order for Tulane Institutional policies to be equitably applied. 

Educational Leave

Each resident may be granted five working days per year of educational leave for the purpose of attending or participating in educational or scientific meetings that contribute to the medical education of the resident physician.


Resident office space is equipped with desktop computers and printers with internet access and current word processing, database and statistical software. Xerox and facsimile machines are available in the departmental office. House Officers also have access to the Tulane Medical Library and the main Tulane Library.