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Sample Letter for Reference Requests

Dear Dr. NAME,


The Department of DEPARTMENTat Tulane University School of Medicine is considering the APPOINTMENT/PROMOTIONof CANDIDATEto the academic rank of RANK in theTRACK track. As the Chair of DEPARTMENT, I am writing to you as a recommended leader in your discipline to provide an honest and thoughtful assessment of Dr. CANDIDATE's contribution to her/his professional field in terms of scholarship, education, and service for APPOINTMENT/PROMOTION. In particular, we seek your professional judgment concerning the quality of the candidate's activities and professional and scholarly contributions to the discipline. To assist you in this process, the guidelines and criteria for appointment and promotion at Tulane are posted on the Faculty Affairs website at: https://medicine.tulane.edu/home/faculty-affairs/personnel-and-honors


We specifically ask that you provide the following information:


  • Describe if you have had any professional relationship with the candidate. In particular have you ever served as a mentor, supervisor, or colleague to Dr. CANDIDATE?


  • What is your judgment of the quality and significance of the scholarly production of the candidate and their impact on their field relative to others at this level?


  • How would this candidate rate as a candidate for a similar position at your institution?


  • What is your opinion on the candidates potential as a present/future leader/mentor in their field?


  • Finally, can you please summarize your background as it relates to making the above evaluations?


APPOINTMENT/PROMOTION is a most important consideration and your assistance and those of other external reviewers is therefore of the greatest value in our overall evaluation. I would appreciate it if you could respond to me by: DEADLINE. You may email a scanned letter and then mail the hard copy. If you are unable to complete this review by the above date, please let me know.


Sincerely yours,





XC: Marie Krousel-Wood MD, MSPH, Professor of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs