Student Information

One of the primary focuses of the School of Medicine’s Office of Multicultural Affairs is the recruitment, retention, and holistic support of a diverse student body. We continue to strive for equity and inclusiveness for all individuals. It is our hope to expand the definition of diversity to include, but not be limited to, individuals of all racial/ethnic, religious, gender identity/sexual orientation, and ability groups. Please join us in celebrating the multiculturalism of Tulane.


Professionalism/Environment of Learning Program

The Professionalism/Environment of Learning Program (PELP) is designed to facilitate the creation and maintenance of an environment that is professional, respectful, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating. The PELP allows individuals to both recognize exemplary behavior as well as submit concerns about all aspects of the learning environment. The program receives all concerns, which can be submitted through a variety of mechanisms, and documents and records them in a confidential database. Each report is reviewed and managed following established algorithms, approved by the PELP Advisory Board. An essential assumption is that all members of our community do not intend harm, rather may need education and awareness of the impact of their actions. Thus, early intervention is key to prevent continued or escalated unprofessional behavior.