BANGL Lab News & Presentations

The affects of trauma across generations

Dr. Stacy Drury received the 2018 Norbert and Charlotte Rieger Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement.

Researchers find childhood trauma affects DNA

Dr. Stacy Drury discusses the impact of neighborhood violence on children's behavior.

Rethinking Risk and Resiliency

Case Western Reserve University Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds 1/11/2013

Understanding how community violence influences children’s health

Dr. Stacy Drury discusses the murder of children and its impact on other children.

The Infant Development Study

Dr. Stacy Drury talks about our current study, which hopes to show that moms can biologically protect their babies from stress through supportive and responsive parenting.

Telomere Meeting Draws Scientists from Across Disciplines

Dr. Stacy Drury discusses the potential of telomeres as biological markers of exposure to stress.