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Tulane Pediatrics Infectious Disease:  Stopping a deadly virus

Dr. James Robinson and Dr. Robert Garry were awarded 12 million dollars from the NIH to design a potential treatment for Lassa virus, a viral infection in Africa with an 80% mortality, and develop a vaccine.  Drs. Robinson and Garry have partnered together for over a decade to take on this virus, in some of the most challenging of environments, seeking to truly provide transformative care coupled with life-saving research in communities with extremely low resources.  Beyond just the incredible complexities of research in Africa the team, along with another Pediatric Infectious disease faculty member, John Schieffelin, also faced an Ebola outbreak that has now lead to additional NIH funded research focused on Ebola survivorship and the lasting impacts of that infection.  Read more about this powerful international research program where Tulane faculty are performing cutting edge and life-saving clinical research in this article (

Tulane Pediatrics receives Pediatric Clinical Trials Network Award

Dr. John Carlson, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Hsai at Pennington, was awarded one of 17 grants from NICHD to become part of a newly established national clinical trials network linked to the larger Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO). This four year NIH award will support the development of pediatric clinical trials at all of Tulane sites and throughout Louisiana focused on the ECHO outcomes of upper and lower airway diseases, obesity, neurodevelopmental disorders and prenatal, perinatal and postnatal health as well as other pediatric clinical conditions. You can read more about the ECHO program at this web site: Or check out this overview from NIH.   This is a great opportunity for Tulane to be part of a larger national effort to improve child health.  Congratulations!