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What the Global Health Track at Tulane can do for your career:
The RIGHT program will help residents prepare for careers in a multitude of fields, including: clinical infectious diseases, the CDC’s Epidemiologic Investigative Service, overseas medical and missionary work, refugee health, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), or research programs in travel and tropical medicine. *In the time of COVID, international and travel outside of Louisiana may be limited.  The RIGHT Program will be structured according to Tulane School of Medicine and CDC guidelines*

As a RIGHT resident, you will have access to educational resources through the School of Public Health’s Tropical Medicine and Global Health divisions. There is limited funding available for these trips, however if you are not meeting the requirements funding will not be provided.


The track combines five core components:

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Child eating Plump'ynut.
  1. Education
    • Monthly seminar series (must attend 60% of the seminars to pass)
    • On-line 3-year curriculum
  2. Mentorship
    • One-on-one mentor with experience in global health
  3. International rotation
    • Three months (total) working at one or more international sites (Due to COVID-19, international travel is on hold)
    • RIGHT mentors are working with local agencies to provide global health and health equity sites for training.
    • Write up of experience after each travel event
  4. Scholarly project
    • Mentor-approved project in an area of interest in global health or health equity
  5. Local clinical experience
    • Travel medicine clinic
    • Opportunities for collaborating with local clinics serving immigrant populations

The RIGHT track is in addition to your current residency expectations. To be accepted into the RIGHT Program you must be in good standing in your current residency program.  If accepted you will also need approval from the residency program director. After acceptance, you will be required to attend  60 percent of the RIGHT seminars, complete the on-line curriculum, complete a scholarly project and provide a write up of your experience after each travel event. These sessions will be tracked, if you are not meeting the requirements you will be dropped from the program.

Global Health Travel Rotations are selected by agreement between the global health scholar and his/her mentor. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Aarohi Arogya Kendra, Uttaranchal, India

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Deschapelles, Haiti

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru

Additionally, all RIGHT scholars will complete a scholarly project. This can range from any of the following:

  • a case series
  • clinical research project
  • needs assessment
  • quality improvement
  • educational project

Through opportunities at the Tulane travel clinic and other clinics catering to the under-served population, RIGHT scholars can continue to embrace the concept of global health locally.

Finally, after completing all work for the RIGHT track, recognition of completion will be reflected on your residency diploma.