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  • Use Simulation Training to Boost Safety Culture, June 2009, Healthleaders Media
  • Simulated ER Helps Train Doctors of the Future, January 2009, WWL-CBS
  • Tulane University School of Medicine Enters New Realm of Training, January 2009, WGNO-ABC
  • Tulane Opens Advanced Medical Simulation Training Center, January 2009, WRNO-FM
  • Doctors in Training Use Robotic Patients, January 2009, New Orleans Times Picayune
  • Tulane University Opens Advanced Medical Simulation and Team Training Centre, January 2009,
  • Talking Patients Advance Medical Training, January 2009, Tulane New Wave
  • Tulane to Open $3M Center for Advanced Medical Simulation, January 2009, New Orleans City Business
  • New Medical Center Opening at Tulane, January 2009, WDSU-NBC
  • Robotic Patients, Real-Life Training, January 2009, Tulane Talk