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Procedural Guides and Videos

This page will give you direct access or link to other websites for procedural guides and videos. Some of these guides and videos are linked to resources outside of the Tulane School of Medicine and their usage and access is governed by the copyright owners. Should you have any problems, please let us know - email issue.

Tulane Sim Center YouTube Channel

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Not only will you find dozens of procedure demo videos to help in your medical education, but we've created customized playlists for surgery, start of clerkships orientation skills, TeamSTEPPS, and other topics.

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Surgical procedure videos

  • Tulane YouTube Surgical Skills playlist
    • Square Knots
    • Suturing skills
      • Simple interrupted
      • Horizontal mattress
      • Vertical mattress
      • Subcuticular interrupted
      • Subcuticular running
    • Chest Tube placement
    • Central line placement
      • Subclavian
      • Internal jugular
    • Foley catheter placement, female
    • Foley catheter placement, male
    • NG tube placement
    • Sterile field techniques
      • Scrubbing 101
      • Day of Surgery
      • Self gowning technique
      • Gown and glove sterile technique

Medical student education core procedure skills videos

  • Medical education core procedures playlist
    • Lumbar puncture
    • Self gowning technique
    • Scrubbing 101
    • Gowning and gloving
    • NG tube insertion
    • Subclavian central line placement
    • Male foley insertion
    • Female foley insertion
    • Non-sterile handwashing
    • Peripheral IV cannulation
    • Square knot tying
    • Simple interrupted suture technique


TeamSTEPPS concepts videos



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