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Simulation Committee

Tulane School of Medicine Internal Simulation Committee Charge

The Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation & Team Training is run on a day-to-day basis by the Director (Jennifer Calzada) and Medical Director (TBD). Sim Center staff work with faculty, course directors, and facilitators to create and execute simulation trainings and assessments. 

The Tulane Simulation Committee will serve to promote simulation education, training, and assessment. The goal of the simulation committee is to support and promote – simulation curriculums, trainings, hands-on skills, team training, assessments, simulation studies, research, debriefing techniques, and all other areas of hands-on medical education.

The committee will be a special interest group of Tulane faculty, staff, residents and medical students that will share ideas, resources, expertise, and organize faculty development trainings, webinars, and any other methods of improving the Tulane simulation community. It will be open to any faculty who are currently involved in simulation or interested in creating simulation for their specialty. There will also be 2-4 medical student and any residents are invited to meetings. Students will be invited to join the committee for one year and will be rotated annually. 

Quarterly meetings will be held to discuss the latest in simulation, share resources, seek support on simulation courses, projects, and research, and a goal of annual faculty development opportunities. The primary goal is to support simulation training and education within the Tulane community.

Meeting minutes and shared resources will be maintained online to allow faculty to stay up-to-date, even if they miss a meeting. 

Debriefing Room. 

The Debrief Room is available for small group meetings before or after training.  The room is equipped with a 46-inch flat screen TV that can be connected to a laptop and used for presentations or reviewing training videos.  The Debrief Room can accommodate up to 16 people seated at a conference table.

ER / ICU Room. 

NOTE: This is NOT the Tulane Hospital Emergency room, this is a simulated training center. If you are having an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If you have a non-emergency, Tulane Hospital can be found at www.tulanehealthcare.com or 504-988-5263. Find a Tulane doctor at 504-988-5800.

The space allows learners to train on assessment and emergency procedures in a 4 bed Emergency Room or can be converted to a 2 bed Intensive Care Unit to practice long-term care techniques.  The four-bed room contains two ICU beds and two stretchers, and can be divided into four smaller spaces with curtains.  The realistic setting is perfect for team training and is in close proximity to the Labor & Delivery Room, Operating Room, Nurses Station and Hospital Patient Rooms.  Any of our patient simulators can be moved into the ER/ICU, and the room is also ideal for emergency task trainers like the TraumaMan System.  The ER/ICU can accommodate up to 20 learners at a time.

Full A/V recording is possible from multiple camera angles to allow full assessment and debrief of learning after your simulation session. We also add realism to the scenario by using our P/A system to add typical environmental distraction" that are present in any Emergency Department.

Labor & Deliver / Pediatric Suite. 

The L&D Suite / Pediatric Suite allows learners to experience labor and delivery or pediatric procedures in a realistic setting.  The room is equipped with a delivery bed for the NOELLE Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator, SimBaby in a hospital crib, and SimNewB in a neonatal warming bed. Additional tables can also accommodate task trainers for skills like episiotomy repair or pediatric airway management. The Labor & Delivery Suite can accommodate up to 20 learners at a time.  

Instructors can also observe students from the Control Room through one-way glass. Full A/V recording is also available from multiple cameras to allow full assessment and debrief after your simulation session. A P/A system is also available to provide any desired background distractions.

Nurse Station. 

The Nurses Station is located between the doctor's office clinic exam rooms and hospital patient rooms allowing for realistic team or interprofessional training.

Operating Room. 

The Operating Room provides learners the opportunity to train in a real-life setting.  Equipped with a remote-operated OR table, fully functional GE Healthcare anesthesia machine, anesthesia cart, full range of surgical accessories and OR light. The Operating Room is an ideal setting for team training.  

The OR is standardly set up with the CAE Human Patient Simulator (HPS). CAE PediaSim is also available for pediatric scenarios. Any of our patient simulators can be set up in the OR, including the birthing simulator, which allows a C-section to be performed. The OR can accommodate up to 10 learners at a time, although advanced OR simulators are best run with smaller learner groups.  

Instructors can also observe and control the simulators from the Control Room through one-way glass. Full A/V recording is also available from multiple cameras and the waveform readouts on patient monitors to allow full assessment and debrief after your simulation session.

Patient Clinic Rooms. 

The Sim Center has four doctor's clinic exam rooms to give learners the opportunity to gain experience in patient exam and assessment procedures.  Exam rooms can be used with any of our patient simulators or a Standardized Patient. The rooms are also ideal for use with task trainers. The rooms are in close proximity to the Nurses Station, providing an environment ideal for team training. Exam rooms also include full A/V recording from 2 camera angles and a P/A system to help provide extra realism to any training scenario.

Patient Hospital Rooms. 

The Sim Center has 3 hospital patient rooms to give learners the opportunity to gain experience providing long-term patient care after procedures in the OR or Labor & Delivery Suite or admittance from the Emergency Department.  The rooms all have a patient bed and sitting areas for family members (who can be played by Standardized Patients). Any of the patient simulators can be moved into the hospital rooms for training. The rooms are also in close proximity to the Nurses Station, providing a realistic hospital environment ideal for team training, including Rapid Response Team Training scenarios. Hospital rooms also include full A/V recording capabilities from multiple angles and are part of the Sim Center's P/A system to all the inclusion of environment distractions or pages in any scenario.

The John Winton Deming, MD Suite, Surgical Skills Lab. 

The Surgical Skills Lab provides Tulane medical students, residents and healthcare professionals the opportunity to practice specific individual skills. Dozens of task trainers are available in the Skills Lab, from a basic eye exam trainer up to a vascular intervention procedure trainer. The Skills Lab can accommodate up to 15 learners at a time, at various stations, or is available for individual practice sessions.

Available simulators include the 3D Systems GI-Bronch Mentor II endoscopic trainer, 3D Systems U/S Mentor, Mentice VIST (Vascular Intervention Simulation Trainer), Stryker Laparoscopic high-definition trainers, suture pads, lumbar puncture trainer, IV trainers, male and female catheterization trainers, eye exam trainer, ear exam trainer and many more.

Simulation Center Equipment

Advanced Simulators

  • CAE Human Patient Simulator (2)
  • CAE PediaSIM
  • Mentice VIST
  • 3D Systems GI-BRONCH Mentor
  • 3D Systems U/S Mentor
  • Gaumard NOELLE Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulator
  • Laerdal SimMan 3G (2)
  • Laerdal SimMan Classic (2)
  • Laerdal SimBaby
  • Laerdal SimNewB

Surgical Skills Task Trainers 

  • Stryker Laparoscopic Training Towers 
  • Professional Skin Pad for Suturing 
  • Professional Abdominal Open and Close Trainer

Ultrasound Models

  • Peripheral Nerve Block and Central Venous Access Trainer
  • Thoracentesis training simulator
  • Paracentesis and Femoral trainer
  • Breast ultrasound phantom
  • Arthrocentesis Model

Ob-Gyn Task Trainers

  • ZOE Gynecologic simulator (3)
  • Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer
  • Episiotomy Trainer
  • Sultan Anal Sphincter Trainer
  • PROMPT Birthing Simulator with Force Monitoring

Pediatric Trainers

  • MegaCode Kid
  • Nursing Baby
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Baby
  • Nita Newborn
  • ALS Baby 200
  • Baby Hippy

Airway Management Trainers

  • Adult Airway Management Trainers
  • AirSim Bronchi with Nasal Passage, Chin, Needle Access for PDT, Breakout Teeth
  • Infant Airway Management Trainer
  • Neonatal Intubation Trainer

Clinical Exam Skills Trainers

  • Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Simulator (2)
  • Eye Exam Simulator
  • Ear Exam Simulator
  • Advanced Catheterization Trainer - Male or Female (4)
  • Harvey The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator
  • Prostate Exam Trainers

Trauma / Emergency Task Trainers

  • Mr. Hurt Head (2)
  • TraumaMan System (4)
  • CentralLineMan System (2)
  • Syndaver Cric task trainer
  • Syndaver wearable chest tube trainer (2)
  • B-CON wound packing models (10)
  • B-CON training tourniquet (40)

Vascular Trainers

  • Male & Female Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit (4)
  • IV Hand Trainer (2) 
  • IV Elbow Trainer (2) 
  • (Pediatric) Infant IO Leg
  • (Pediatric) Baby Arti
  • Core Vascular Skills Set
  • Arterial Puncture Wrist

CPR / Resuscitation Trainers

  • Elderly, Obese CPR Manikin (2)
  • Resusci Anne CPR manikins
  • Baby Anne CPR manikins
  • Pediatric Intubation Trainer
  • Deluxe Difficult Airway Trainer
  • QCPR Annie full body manikin with quality CPR reporting metrics

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Tulane Simulation Committee Meeting Dates

Academic Year 2019

Monday, July 16, 2018, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda  |  Files  |  Minutes

Monday, October 1, 2018, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda | Files | Minutes

Monday, January 16, 2019, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom

Monday, April 15, 2019, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda | Minutes

Academic Year 2020

Starting this year meeting dates will follow the schedule of the middle month of each quarter, first Wednesday at 5pm.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda | Minutes

Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda | FilesMinutes

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, Agenda | FilesMinutes

Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 5pm-6pm @ Sim Center Classroom, CANCELED



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