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Simulation Space

Visit our Sim Center Map page to see the layout of our space.

The John Winton Deming, MD Suite (Surgical Skills Lab)

The Surgical Skills Lab provides Tulane medical students, residents, fellows, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to practice specific individual advanced skills. Dozens of task trainers are available to be used on tables in the Skills Lab. The nearly 1300 square foot Skills Lab can accommodate up to 30 learners, depending on the configuration and training needs. 

The Skills Lab holds several advanced skills VR-based simulators, including all the following (more details on each can be found on the simulators page): US Mentor for ultrasound, GI-Bronch Mentor for endoscopic, ArthroS for arthrocentesis, EyeSi for direct eye exams, 6 laparoscopic towers, and Angio Mentor for vascular interventions. 

Carol Lavin Bernick BME Lab

This 200 square foot, biomedical engineering lab space was partially funded by a Carol Lavin Bernick faculty grant in 2017. The lab space-maker space is utilized as a collaboration point between the Tulane Simulation Center and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. This collaboration conceives, develops, and tests ideas for medical education and healthcare devices. BME students are able to work on projects and access feedback from clinical faculty and residents. BME students also gain experience by working with simulation staff on ideas to create and improve medical education tools and sometimes are able to partner with clinical faculty on medical device ideas. The lab space also serves as space for simulator and equipment maintenance and repair. 


The Sim Center has two 40 person classrooms (868 square feet each) that can be utilized together or separate. Each room can be set up in a variety of configurations and includes built-in audio-visual tools to project in high-definition on the wall from a connected computer, wirelessly from an iPad or laptop, or cast to Apple TV devices. 

Debriefing Room

The 336 square foot, Debrief Room is available for small group classes or for debriefing after hands-on simulation sessions. The room is equipped with a 46-inch TV with wired or wireless projection or cast to Apple TV capabilities. The room can accommodate up to 20 people. 

Multi-Use Simulation Rooms

The Tulane Sim Center has two large, connected simulation rooms that can be arranged to serve a variety of clinical environments. Each room is approximately 615 square feet. One room is designed to mimic a 4-bed ED or a 2-bed ICU, to practice long-term care techniques. Multiple combinations of stretchers and hospital beds can be utilized, depending on the needs of the training scenario. This realistic setting is designed for team training for both emergency and in-patient scenarios. 

The connected room is designed as a labor and delivery suite or pediatric/neonatal suite. The room contains a birthing bed and simulator, specially designed emergency birth trainers, infant simulator and a neonatal high fidelity simulator. 

Both of these rooms can easily be reconfigured for other training purposes, such as a mass casualty triage, or simply setting up multiple task trainer stations for groups of learners to rotate through. Both rooms can accommodate up to 20 learners and have full A/V recording capabilities with multiple camera angles to allow full assessment and debriefing after hands-on training. One of the rooms also is observable through one-way glass from the adjacent Control Room to allow further observation prior to debriefing. 

Operating Room

The 613 square foot simulated OR providers learners the opportunity to train in a realistic setting. It is equipped with a remote-operated OR table, fully functional GE Healthcare anesthesia machine, stocked anesthesia cart, OR light, and full range of surgical instruments and sterile supplies. The OR setting is ideal for team training scenarios. A variety of high fidelity manikins can be utilized in the OR, including the CAE Human Patient Simulator (HPS), CAE PediaSim for pediatric scenarios, Laerdal SimMan 3G or Classic, or even Noelle Birthing Simulator for OB surgical emergencies. 

The simulated OR can accommodate up to 10 learners at a time, although advanced OR scenarios are best run with teams of smaller groups of 6 or less. Instructors and facilitators can observe from the adjacent Control Room through one-way glass or any internet connected computer. Full A/V recording capabilities are present with multiple camera angles and waveform readouts on patient monitors to allow full assessment and debriefing after simulation sessions. 

Outpatient Clinic Rooms

The Tulane Sim Center has 4 outpatient clinic rooms to give learners the opportunity to gain experience in realistic patient exam and small procedure rooms. Three rooms are 90 square feet each and the small procedure room is 186 square feet. Exam rooms can be utilized with any of our high fidelity patient simulators or a Standardized Patient (SP). The rooms are also ideal for use with a task trainer to train procedural skills typically done in an outpatient setting. The 4 clinic rooms surround a Nurse's Station, providing an ideal environment for team training. All rooms include the same full A/V capabilities as our other simulation rooms. 

Inpatient Hospital Rooms

The Tulane Sim Center includes three 200 square feet inpatient hospital rooms to give learners the opportunity to train in these realistic environments in providing Med-Surg and long-term patient care. Each room has a hospital bed and can be utilized with any of our high fidelity manikins and a sitting area for family members, who can be portrayed by Standardized Patients (SP). These rooms are also next to our Nurse's Station, providing a realistic hospital environment to train teams, especially ideal for training Rapid Response team scenarios. All rooms include the same full A/V capabilities as other simulation rooms. 

Visit the Sim Center Map page to see the room layout of our space.