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Simulators and Task Trainers

Simulation Center Equipment

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Contact us if you have specific needs that you do not think are met here. The heart of any simulation training is not the simulator or the simulated environment, but the curriculum and learning objectives. We have created a simulation curriculum template and have staff ready to help you plan your learner's training. Contact ustoday to get started planning. 


The links provide go to vendor web pages for more information. We do not control these links and they may sometimes change. If you notice a bad link, please let us know to fix it. We do not expect you to have to dig through these options to determine what is needed for your training, that's our job to help you! This is provided just for extra information. Reach out to us today and we can help you determine what is best to accomplish your learning objectives. 



Advanced High Fidelity Simulators

Airway Management Trainers

  • Adult airway management trainers (multiple
  • AirSim Bronchi with nasal passage, chin, needle access, breakout teeth
  • Infant airway management trainer
  • Neonatal intubation trainer

Clinical Exam Skills Trainers

Medical Equipment

  • Anesthesia machine (GE Avance CS 2)
  • Butterfly IQ+ ultrasound probe (25)
  • C-MCA video laryngoscope 
  • Code cart and defibrillator (4)
  • Mechanical ventilator

OB-Gyn Task Trainers

  • Clinical female pelvic exam trainers (4)
  • Sophie and her Mum birthing trainer
  • Fetal Extraction simulator
  • Episiotomy trainer
  • Sultan anal sphincter trainer
  • PROMPT birthing simulator with force monitoring

Pediatric Medium-Low Fidelity Trainers

  • Baby Arti (arterial line)
  • Baby Hippy (dislocation)
  • Foreign body removal (ear, nasal)
  • MegaCode kid manikin
  • Nursing Baby manikin
  • Neonatal resuscitation baby manikin
  • Nita Newborn manikin
  • ALS Baby 200 manikin

Resuscitation / CPR Trainers

  • Elderly, obese CPR manikin (2)
  • Resusci Anne CPR manikins (12)
  • Baby Anne CPR infant manikins (12)
  • Deluxe Difficult Airway trainer
  • QCPR Annie full body manikin with quality CPR reporting metrics

Surgical Skills Trainers

  • Arthrocentesis trainer (shoulder and knee)
  • Stryker Laparoscopic training towers with box trainers (6)
  • Skin pads for suturing (unlimited, we produce our own)
  • Simulab Surgical Abdomen

Trauma / Emergency Task Trainers

Ultrasound Phantoms

Vascular Trainers

  • ReSuture open vascular trainer
  • Peripheral IV access trainers (10)
  • Infant I/O leg trainer
  • Core vascular skills set
  • Arterial Puncture trainer

Virtual Reality Simulators